Aternity® Unplugs End User Experience Management by Going Mobile

Aternity® Unplugs End User Experience Management by Going Mobile

Extends Industry’s Deepest Solution for End User Performance Management Across Physical Machines, Virtual Desktops, and Mobile Devices in a Single, Unified Platform

BOSTON, MA (USA) — April 3rd, 2012 — Aternity Inc., the industry’s leader in end user experience management solutions for Fortune 1000 enterprises, announced today a breakthrough in enterprise mobility management by delivering a comprehensive End User Experience (EUE) management solution for mobile applications. With Aternity Mobile Frontline Performance Intelligence (MFPI), enterprises gain a unified view of end user experience for any transaction, on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Aternity End User Experience for MobileAternity MFPI uniquely provides a comprehensive monitoring platform for all types of iOS and Android applications irrespective of their delivery mechanism. In addition, Aternity MFPI continuously collects detailed device, network and service metrics that are often the source of mobile application performance and availability problems. With this deep visibility, IT organizations can proactively manage performance issues, rapidly isolate mobile-specific problems and dramatically reduce Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). Today’s IT organizations can be confident in their ability to support the rise of remote workers and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) by leveraging an approach that unifies physical, virtual and mobile end user experience management in a single, consistently architected, massively scalable platform.

“The impact of mobile device-based access on the end user’s experience of service performance has become a fundamental concern for application support teams,” said Will Cappelli, Gartner Research VP in the Enterprise Management area. “Unfortunately, monitoring approaches which rely on testing sample transactions from strategically chosen points of presence around the world fail to capture the vagaries of mobile availability and response time. Effective monitoring requires a vantage point from within the device itself.”

“We recognize the need our employees have for anywhere, anytime access to critical business applications,” said Robert Tobias, Project Manager at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). “As a result, ensuring that we have both a strategy and the right technology in place to achieve visibility and control over end user experience, irrespective of the device type, is a priority for us. Aternity is a vital component of our application performance management and monitoring strategy and will help ensure our ability to provide our mobile users with an optimal end user experience.”

Supporting All Mobile Application Types

Aternity MFPI supports all types of mobile applications irrespective of their delivery mechanism:

  • Native mobile applications (iOS, Android): Support for binary application instrumentation and a SDK for mobile application developers
  • Mobile web applications (including HTML5): Support for dynamic JavaScript instrumentation
  • Virtual mobile applications: Support for monitoring XenApp and VDI delivered mobile applications

Fastest Instrumentation of Mobile Applications

Aternity MFPI provides the industry’s simplest way to instrument native mobile applications for performance monitoring. As opposed to other Application Performance Management (APM) approaches, Aternity Mobile FPI does not require developers to insert “monitoring tags” into their applications at development time in order to support native mobile apps. Instead, Aternity provides an automated, one-click “binary instrumentation” process before the application is deployed to the enterprise private app store or provisioning server.

In order to provide the greatest flexibility of deployment, Aternity also offers a rapid, easy-to-use mobile SDK. The simplified SDK instrumentation process is unlike other mobile SDK approaches because Aternity does not require developers to define the business context or specific transactions they want to monitor.

Continuous Monitoring of Mobile Device, Network and Service Metrics

Aternity MFPI continuously collects detailed device, network, and service metrics such as:

  • Device Hardware and Resource Information including low battery and discharge rate, total and available storage, total and available memory, CPU load and others.
  • Device Status Attributes including OS and firmware version, carrier, location, roaming status and others.
  • Cellular Network Attributes including network type, signal status and strength, network parameters, and others.
  • Wi-Fi Network Attributes including network type, signal status and strength, SSID, network parameters, and others.

Advanced Real-time Analytics

Aternity MFPI proactively detects mobile application performance and availability problems while determining root cause of poor user experience. With its advanced analytics, Aternity MFPI’s identifies the contributing factors impacting mobile application performance, whether due to poor Wi-Fi connectivity or cellular network strength, in-call or roaming status, low power mode or CPU load, target Server or slow URLs, and maxed out storage or OS version.

Aternity MFPI presents an integrated and correlated view of business transaction response times with device, network and service metrics. This enables support teams to perform real-time and historical analysis of performance problems dramatically reducing MTTR and in many cases preventing outages from reoccurring.

Unified EUE Management Across Virtual, Physical, and Mobile Environments

The Aternity Frontline Performance Intelligence Platform provides unified management of end user experience not only for mobile devices, but also for physical machines and virtual desktops. Aternity’s unique vantage point of the business user across all of the ways applications are accessed provides the industry’s most comprehensive end user experience solution across virtual, physical, and mobile environments.

“The EUE needs of our customers and partners reinforces that in today’s business environment, the mobile device is the fastest growing access point for business critical applications,” said Trevor Matz, president and CEO of Aternity. “With End User Experience Unplugged, Aternity Mobile Frontline Performance Intelligence provides untethered EUE for the User, whether they are at work, at home or on the move — for IT Operations through unified management for applications, transactions, users, all of the time — and for Application teams as they gain performance management across all mobile platforms.”

Aternity MFPI Partner Program

In order to further support the rise of the mobile workforce, Aternity is partnering with Mobile Application Developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to help transform their applications into “mobile ready” applications within one-click. Learn more about the Aternity MFPI Partner Program, by emailing


Aternity MFPI, with support for iOS and Android, is currently in beta and scheduled for Early Access (EA) release in Q2 2012. Learn more about evaluating Aternity in your environment, by registering at

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