Aternity Mobile APM

Consumer and Workforce Mobile Apps – Mobile APM for All Three Enterprise Teams

Aternity addresses a full range of Mobile APM use cases for developers of mobile enterprise apps, IT Ops who support them, and the line of business who rely on them to grow and transform their markets. Whether your apps are used by your customers or by your workforce, Aternity helps you deliver excellent mobile user experience no matter what role you play in an enterprise’s mobility initiative.


A Single Pane of Glass for Monitoring the Entire App Portfolio

Aternity seamlessly integrates Mobile APM for iOS, Android, and Windows tablet apps used by consumers and the workforce, so IT Ops can monitor them centrally, along with apps running on physical and virtual devices.

Measure, Manage, and Improve Mobile Workforce Productivity

Aternity enables the line of business to determine the effectiveness of their mobile strategy on workforce productivity.

Monitor, Analyze, Prioritize, and Optimize

With Aternity, developers get the full range of diagnostics you need to ensure your app earns a five star rating. When problems occur, isolate them to your code or the network, and analyze them with code level stack trace. Prioritize your response by identifying impacted services, users, and devices. Optimize the performance of your app across device and OS versions, geographies and carriers. And streamline the performance of your app with analytics of response time, throughput, and data transfer size.

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From the Frontline

BankingThe retail banking division of a global financial services company, which was rolling out tablets for use by their full service branch advisors, reduced service impacting errors on their mobile teller app by 87% by identifying and fixing an incorrect proxy configuration impacting the routing.