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The Impact of the Cloud on End User Experience

In a world where the Data Center is virtualized and the Cloud is “as-a-service,” the only way to measure End User Service Levels is through how real end users are experiencing business services. End User Service Level Management is fast becoming a critical component for both the Cloud consumer (aka Customer) and the Cloud Service Provider, and as a result a mutual business driver for ubiquitous End User Experience monitoring.

Get Rays of Visibility with Aternity

Aternity for Cloud provides enterprises with unique insight into the performance of cloud-based applications, delivering granular visibility into business transaction service levels exactly as experienced by the End Users themselves.

Select any time frame from the last few minutes to last year, or even earlier

The response time of “Open Inbox” and “Send Mail” is very slow for all users in all departments

Analysis by Department is only an example, as Activities can dynamically be grouped by any attribute including Location, Role, Browser Type or Machine Type, for example

More than 30 Office 365 business activities are currently monitored by Aternity

The Salesforce.com “Login” activity is taking almost 25 seconds in this outlier example

The status scores are based on the SLA Thresholds and Baselines

The Dropbox “Display Document” business activity is mostly used within the Massachusetts and New York locations

This chart is focused on Application Usage and User Productivity, i.e. the analysis of application usage as opposed to application performance or Quality of Service

The Cerner Powerchart “Login” business activity Incident started at 10:15pm as increasing numbers of users experienced poor performance

The hosted Citrix Servers are identified and classified for each End User using the hosted Cerner application

High remote display protocol latency (typically ICA and PCoIP) between the End User’s remote device and their Virtual Desktop is one of the major contributors to poor user experience in HVD/DaaS environments

ICA latency of more than 0.3 seconds results in sluggish keyboard and display response times

The solid line represents the average ICA latency experienced for each user in the selected location while the shaded area represents the latency variance

ICA latency is less than .05 seconds for many of the users which represents good user experience

Cloud Application Performance Monitoring

Aternity provides powerful end user experience analysis for Service Level Management of multi-outsourced IT services, empowering enterprises with three key benefits:

  • User-Centric SLA Management – Aternity enables organizations to effectively manage SLA compliance by validating performance and availability of all business transactions as experienced by all users, identifying outliers and verifying whether contractual commitments have been met.
  • User-Centric Proactive IT Management – Aternity provides proactive detection of End User problems, isolation of impacted users, and automated cause analysis, dramatically reducing MTTR and business disruptions for cloud-delivered applications, such as for Office 365, Salesforce.com, and others.
  • Unified Management of End User Experience – Leveraging a single, consistently architected and massively scalable platform, Aternity monitors any business transaction within any application, delivered on-premise or through the cloud, running on any physical, virtual or mobile device. The end result is faster applications, increased End User productivity and significant decreases in business disruptions.