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Mobile End User Experience Management for Everyone

As a mobile Application Performance Management (APM) pioneer, Aternity uniquely unifies the management of End User Experience across physical machines, virtual desktops, and mobile devices. Modern IT teams embrace Aternity for Mobile Enterprises because it offers the industry’s most comprehensive mobile solution for native and web applications. App Developers rely on Aternity and its award-winning End User Experience Management capabilities to help them deliver high-quality apps that delight enterprise customers.

Attributes are used to compare between any KPIs including crashes, performance & server latency

Extensive mobile device attributes, including Location, OS Version, Carrier, Connection Mode & Hardware Configuration are collected

Every measurement is automatically compared to the baseline and threshold to determine its status. The status is reflected as either Green, Yellow (minor deviation), Orange (major deviation) or Red (critical)

This is typical for corporate employees who use several devices during the course of a day’s work – with at least one of these devices being user-owned

With the increase of Bring Your Own Device, users and IT are concerned about the amount of data that corporate applications consume from the personal data plans of employees

Aternity automatically monitors the amount of data every mobile app takes when used on Wi-Fi – and more importantly on mobile networks

By knowing the amount of data taken from the employees' data plans, the enterprise can decide on the expense policies to apply

For each app there are three levels of notification: Crash, Error and Warning

Exception and App Error information is invaluable for App Developers, especially when they can break this down by device and operating system

Knowing exactly what the user did before the crash and having access to the Stack Trace dramatically increases the ability to deliver quality mobile apps that delight users

Poorest performing resources are always sorted and presented first

Identify whether Device, Network or Service issues are responsible for poor mobile app performance

Highest resource consuming apps or services are automatically collected for the selected timeframe

All versions of iOS and Android are supported on both smart phones and tablets

Geo Location, down to the City level, is automatically collected and stored for reporting and analysis

Rapidly search for any End User Device, including Physical Workstations, Citrix or Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops or Citrix Sessions and Mobile Devices

Mobile User Experience for Enterprises

Aternity’s industry-first End User Experience Management for Mobile Enterprises was released in April 2012 , and includes comprehensive capabilities for monitoring mobile applications, devices, and networks. Proactive detection of performance issues, by learning and analyzing behavior in real-time, empowers IT teams to determine mobile application performance root cause with the same platform they already rely on for physical and virtual desktop management.

No Cost, Tag-free Mobile App Experience for Developers

Gaining insight into when, where, and why their applications are not performing is critical for mobile App Developers who won’t tolerate poor End User Experience interfering with how users perceive their applications. Aternity for Mobile App Developers is the industry’s first tag-free mobile APM platform that provides comprehensive visibility across the performance and availability of mobile apps and devices.  By embedding End User visibility into mobile apps, Aternity for Mobile App Developers monitors and analyzes mobile app, device and network metrics, and dynamically alerts and reports on them by Location, Carrier, Device Type, Operating System, Target Server, etc.

Aternity Mobile Early Access Program for App Developers

No Cost, App, Device, and Connection Health for Users

Aternity's myUX is the industry’s first personal End User Experience Management application. myUX provides users with comprehensive visibility into how their mobile devices are performing, their network connectivity and coverage, and the performance of all their apps – both desktop and mobile.

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