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Many IT leaders and their IT organizations want the opportunity to communicate IT performance and business value, but they struggle with sharing performance metrics that go beyond ensuring that the “trains are running on time.” The real key for IT is creating a set of performance metrics that clearly demonstrate the business value of IT initiatives – from Windows upgrades, new application rollouts and SLA compliance management, to the successful launch of VDI, Cloud, and Enterprise Mobility project - in order to be recognized as the strategic business enabler that they are.

Aternity works alongside enterprises and their IT organizations to deliver the empirical evidence needed to gain visibility and insight to measure the achievement of strategic business initiatives. We’ll show you how we can help transform your organization into a user-centric, proactive IT management enterprise.

Leveraging the insight provided by Aternity, we are now able to make drastic savings on our IT budget by only upgrading the specific devices which are supporting our business productivity requirements.

-- Thrilled Senior IT Director at a Global Top 10 Logistics Provider