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Assuring Mobile Workforce Productivity Requires a Unique mAPM Approach

As enterprises adopt mobile as a key enabler of their business strategy, they have recognized the need to monitor mobile apps to ensure customer satisfaction and workforce productivity.  Aternity and other mobile APM (mAPM) vendors have responded accordingly, with products that provide mobile app developers with capabilities like crash analytics, app error reporting, service performance metrics, and data consumption tracking.

As important as these mAPM capabilities are, they primarily solve problems for consumer-facing apps, because they lack visibility into important aspects of the enterprise end user – their identity, role, and business function, the full range of apps and devices they use, and the business activities for which employees are responsible.

mobile application performance management (APM)Workforce mobile apps, such as productivity apps, ERP, CRM, and EHR, require unique capabilities beyond those which other mAPM products provide to app developers.  For IT Ops to prioritize their response to an incident, they need to understand the business impact, the functional organizations and business locations of the impacted users, and whether desktop users are also impacted.

For the line of business to determine whether or not mobile is improving workforce productivity, they need metrics and analysis in terms that are relevant to the business, such as the length of time to fill out a claim form, or the number of orders processed, or not completed, by employees in a remote branch office.

The My Enterprise Dashboard provides a global performance view of End User applications across all mobile, desktop and virtual desktop devices

Understand the application activity volume and service level compliance by attributes like business and geographic location, department and End User device type

Know which applications have the highest volume of activity and if their service levels are being exceeded

When service levels are exceeded, immediately gain insight into the application, activity and number of affected End Users through automatically generated incidents

The User Experience Dashboard provides a view of every application, business activity, and device

See response time compliance for all business activities, on any application and device

Trend End User experience over time and display it by application and device used

Identify the response time compliance across all End User devices – mobile, virtual, and physical

Gain insight into functions crashing the most, as well as their exception type and the full stack trace and crash dump

See a rolling log of recent crashes

View the crash volume trend over time, to identify problematic time frames

Analyze crash data by operating system, app version, carrier, or location to identify performance problems

Analyze data volumes by operating system, carrier, app version, or location to identify high data consumers

View total and hourly average data volume trends by traffic type

Consumer and Workforce Mobile Apps – Mobile APM for All Three Enterprise Teams

Aternity Mobile APM addresses a full range of mAPM use cases for developers of mobile enterprise apps, IT Ops who support them, and the line of business who rely on them to grow and transform the business. Whether your apps are used by your customers or by your workforce, Aternity helps you deliver excellent mobile user experience no matter what role you play in an enterprise’s mobility initiative.

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mobile application performance management (APM) mobile application performance management (APM)

Instrument Your Mobile Apps – No Developer Required!

mobile application performance management (APM)The Aternity Mobile Wrapper enables IT Ops or app store administrators to instrument mobile apps for diagnostics and user interactions, without requiring access to the code or an app developer.

Aternity Application Performance Management (mAPM) for App Developers | Free SaaS Mobile APMImplement as SaaS or On-premise

Aternity provides both SaaS-delivered and on-premise solutions, so you have flexibility and security. Aternity Mobile APM provides mobile APM for apps used by your customers or your workforce. Aternity Workforce APM ensures the reliability of any business-critical application, running on mobile, virtual, and physical devices.