Aternity Real End User Experience Monitoring

Put the End User’s Experience at the Center of Your Monitoring Strategy

Aternity transforms every device – physical, virtual, and mobile – into a self-monitoring platform with an integrated view of the multiple applications and streams of data that together provide a clear and comprehensive portrait of real end user experience. Aternity dynamically monitors any user interaction, regardless of complexity, within any application running on any type of physical, virtual, or mobile device, with no programming required. Aternity extends across the broadest range of application technologies including thick client, web-based, Rich Internet, Java, .NET, Android and iOS applications. Aternity’s user-centric approach to proactive IT Management enables enterprises to detect performance issues by learning and analyzing user behavior in real-time, resolve performance problems faster, and attain the service levels demanded by the business.

End User Experience Monitoring Platform

Close Your IT Monitoring Visibility Gap with Aternity

If your data center management tools show that everything is green, but your workforce is still complaining about slow performance, it’s because you can’t measure End User Experience from the vantage point of the Data Center looking out. You can only measure it from the End User’s perspective looking in. That’s the primary reason for the IT Monitoring Visibility Gap – the gap between what your tools are telling you and what your users are experiencing.

Aternity closes the visibility gap between what domain-specific infrastructure management tools tell IT and what end users actually experience.

Close the IT Visibility Gap

Eight Signs of an IT Monitoring Visibility Gap

Other technologies only extrapolate, emulate, or estimate what the end user sees.

Without accurate, real-time information about how end users are actually experiencing and interacting with their applications, devices, and network, you are subject to suffering from an IT Monitoring Visibility Gap.

8 Signs of Visibility Gap IT Management EUEM

Correlation of Three Streams of Data for True End User Experience Monitoring

Unlike traditional APM products that monitor specific applications, one at a time, from the perspective of the data center, or device monitoring products that measure device, operating system, and app health, Aternity automatically monitors and correlates together the three streams of data that constitute true user experience – user interactions, device health and performance, and application performance, including out of the box business activities for the most important Microsoft Productivity Suite applications.

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Monitor Real End User Experience with Aternity