Redefining End User Experience Monitoring

Your Strategic Business Enabler

Aternity is focused on providing its customers and partners with the technology and solutions required to address the paradigm shift from a Data Center-centric to a User-centric computing model.  Through talented and dedicated people, unique and innovative products and a passion for performance, Aternity has redefined End User Experience Monitoring for any application, running on any device for any user, anywhere. Aternity is continually sought by global enterprises and IT solution providers as a strategic business partner and enabler for key IT initiatives.

Visibility that Accelerates Performance

Aternity’s unique approach to End User Experience Monitoring provides complete visibility of any transaction within any packaged or custom applications, running on any device, anywhere, at any time. With Aternity, organizations benefit from proactive incident detection enabling rapid resolution of performance issues allowing organizations to spend more time focused on business growth. Organizations gain visibility and insight to measure achievement of strategic business initiatives, while benefiting from the ability to make informed decisions that accelerate business productivity.

With Aternity and the data it was able to capture, we were able to fine-tune one particular business critical banking application and improve the overall average response time for our users by over 20%

— Empowered senior IT Executive at one of the World’s Largest Financial Institutions

A Passion for Excellence

Recognized as a “Best Place to Work” for three consecutive years, Aternity’s culture is comprised of employees who are world-class, consummate professionals. They all share a passion for excellence, an entrepreneurial spirit, a winning attitude and a total commitment to driving customer and partner success.

I’ve always considered myself to be pretty intelligent (I hold three degrees, including two Masters), and I know I’m good at what I’m doing. But when I walk into a room filled with my Aternity colleagues, I’m always blown away. The people at Aternity are brilliant, dedicated and driven. I feel privileged to be a part of the incredible team we call Aternity.

Troy Partain, Aternity Senior Sales Engineeras spoken in a recent Employee Facebook Profile

Innovative. Proven. Award-Winning.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” That’s exactly what we’ve done at Aternity. Prior to the company joining the Application Performance Management (APM) market in 2008, a monitoring tool focused on the end user vantage point did not exist. Aternity trail blazed the end user experience monitoring space, and is widely embraced as the industry’s leader in providing ubiquitous End User Experience monitoring solutions.  Global organizations such as IBM, BMC, CA, Dell, Wipro, and CSC all partner with Aternity, and its customer base includes worldwide market leaders and household names throughout every major industry.

Aternity continues to earn repeated recognition year-after-year, for excellence in product innovation, company culture, and its forward-thinking approaches to running its own business. Read more about Aternity’s awards here.

For the last year we have been unplugging end user experience by working alongside our customers and partners to guide enterprise mobility initiatives. Our groundbreaking mobile capabilities, followed by our second-generation feature set, empowers IT teams with the mobile end user experience visibility they need to accelerate performance.

Trevor Matz, president and CEO of Aternity commenting on dual industry recognition from the Best in Biz Awards 2013 EMEA and the 2013 Network Computing Awards