User Experience Aware

The Gap Between Real User Experience and Traditional APM

Leading industry analysts refer to the gap between the information provided by traditional Application Performance Management (APM) tools and your workforce’s real user experience as the “Visibility Gap.”

These traditional APM products have focused primarily on monitoring the performance and availability of a single web-based application at a time, across the browser, network, and application infrastructure.  These products typically use JavaScript, injected from the web server, or network packet inspection to measure the load time of a web page, as seen by the end user.  This approach to capturing end user experience makes sense for monitoring consumer web applications, since access to the consumer device is not available.  However, these approaches cannot monitor a broad range of workforce applications, including Thick Client applications, applications delivered via Citrix and other virtual desktop technologies, public cloud-based applications, and applications that include technologies like applets or AJAX.

In addition, traditional APM products lack visibility into important aspects of the enterprise end user – their identity, role, and business function, the full range of apps and devices they use, and the business activities for which the workforce is responsible.

The fundamental problem is that you can’t measure real user experience from the vantage point in the data center “looking out” – you can only measure end user experience from the End User’s perspective “looking in” – and that’s the primary reason for the “Visibility Gap.”

Closing the Visibility Gap

To close the “Visibility Gap,” enterprises need to have an integrated view of the multiple applications and streams of data that together provide a clear and comprehensive portrait of real end user experience. And this is exactly what Aternity does, effectively transforming every device – physicalvirtual, and mobile – into a self-monitoring platform that is user experience aware.


Aternity’s End User Activity Monitoring closes the visibility gap existing with network- and server-centric application performance management tools.

Aternity’s End User Activity Monitoring closes the Visibility Gap existing with network- and server-centric application performance management tools.

User-centric, Proactive IT Management

A user-centric approach to proactive IT Management with Aternity enables enterprises to attain the service levels demanded by their users:

  • Closes the “Visibility Gap” inherent with all other APM tools
  • Detects performance issues by learning and analyzing user behavior in real-time
  • Resolves performance problems with faster, user-centric troubleshooting
  • Measure, manage and improve workforce productivity