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We are happy to provide you with high-value whitepapers, presentations, on-demand webinars, and collateral all related to End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) and Mobile APM. Please review the list below and complete a short registration form to gain access to the desired materials.

Webinar Replays

Windows 10 Migration Webinar, BONUS Free IT Migration Guide

30-minute webinar with extended Q&A on EUEM for IT Change Management

Whether your IT org is looking to migrate to Windows 10 or considering the possibility, this webinar provides real-world use cases on how to leverage End User Experience data to ensure success. View today, gain immediate access to  Windows 10 guide.


CIO Speaks on End User Experience Monitoring

30-minute webinar featuring the CIO of Baker Donelson

Hear directly from a CIO as he explains more around why he “wouldn’t go into a major rollout or technology refresh without the visibility that Aternity provides.” Gain access to a Digital Workplace guide featuring Gartner Research.


The Digital Workplace | Cloud & Virtualization

30-minute webinar on how to ensure optimal end user experience with the rise of the digital employee

Learn more about how to complete the strategic vision of the Digital Workplace with End User Experience Monitoring and see a product demo focused on recommendations for how to ensure your apps that are running in virtual environments, as well as your  cloud-based apps, are performing optimally and delivering excellent end user experience.


First Look | Aternity Version 9 Demonstration

30-minute webinar on next-evolution of End User Experience Monitoring

“What’s most impressive about Version 9 is its ability to discover, monitor, and analyze usage for every application without any configuration overhead,” stated Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). See for yourself. View the demo and see how Version 9 provides breakthrough capabilities empowering enterprises to keep pace with the growing complexity of their IT environments.


Enterprise Mobile App Rollouts | Four Keys to Success & Proving Value

30-minute webinar featuring Marty Resnick, former Mobile Strategist at Multi-national Enterprise, current Research Director, Gartner

Every enterprise has their own unique user community—including employees, partners, and customers with their own unique mobile usage patterns. So, how do you ensure that you are asking the right questions to the vendors you are turning to ensure that your mobile apps are rolled out successfully, being used optimally, and delivering value?  View today and receive the 2016 Mobile Playbook.


Not all End User Experience Management Solutions are Created Equal

30-minute webinar presented by Aternity, featuring Mike Marks, Chief Product Evangelist & Lee Guthrie, Director of Worldwide Sales Engineering

An insightful look at the inherent technology differences behind End User Experience Management solutions, and how each address a particular use case. Also see a use-case driven demo of Aternity’s EUEM solution. View today and receive a newly published companion whitepaper.



The Mobile Enterprise Payoff: It’s all About Post-Launch Performance & End User Experience

30-minute webinar presented by Aternity, featuring Bryan Barringer

Whether you are an App Developer transitioning from consumer apps to enterprise apps, or an enterprise developer moving into mobile, building your app is only the start. Paying attention to how your mobile apps perform in the field is a “must have” in order to achieve the ultimate mobile enterprise payoff. Sign up and get immediate access to the Mobile APM product.



Virtual Desktop Monitoring for Workforce Apps | Delivering Excellent End User Experience

30-minute webinar presented by Aternity

No matter where you are in your virtualization rollout, now is the right time for enterprise IT Operations to learn the best practices for effectively planning VDI migrations, ensuring SLA compliance for virtualized applications, and troubleshooting problems across all layers of the virtual infrastructure. Sign up and receive a new Virtual Desktop Monitoring whitepaper.


Omni-channel Retail Banking | Three IT Strategies

30-minute webinar presented by Axxiome and Aternity

3 IT Strategies For Delivering A Seamless User Experience In Today’s Omni-Channel Retail Banking World, co-presented by business and technology thought leaders from Axxiome and Aternity.


3 Ways End User Experience Management Optimizes Healthcare IT Delivery

30-minute webinar featuring Julie Craig, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates

Features exclusive Healthcare IT research findings presented by Enterprise Management Associates, along with real-world healthcare IT uses cases. All registrants receive new Healthcare IT Whitepaper.


5 Ways Aternity Mobile APM Adds Value to Your XenMobile Deployment

45-minute webinar presented by Citrix and Aternity

Got Citrix XenMobile or thinking about a roll-out? As with any Enterprise Mobility Management strategy, securely provisioning and managing mobile apps is only the first step in executing a successful enterprise mobility strategy. How will you ensure that those mobile apps actually provide your workforce with an excellent user experience? Aternity and Citrix share real-world lessons for how Aternity adds value to XenMobile by addressing the full range of mobile use cases for app developers, IT Operations, and the Line of Business.


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Real End User Experience Monitoring

View a 3-minute video and see how Aternity focuses on the end user’s experience of all apps on all devices to measure, manage, and improve workforce productivity.


Virtual Desktop Monitoring

View a 2-minute demo that shows how Aternity provides enterprises with the ability to effectively plan for their VDI migrations and to troubleshoot problems across all layers of the infrastructure.


Desktop Monitoring

View a 2-minute demo to see how to inventory the hardware and software of every desktop and monitor the key operating system and device health metrics that impact app performance and workforce productivity.


Citrix XenApp Monitoring

View a 2-minute demo on managing and troubleshooting the business activities within virtual endpoint sessions, and their associated remote display latency, for each Citrix user.


Real-time Performance Analytics

View a 2-minute demo on how Aternity helps enterprises proactively identify and resolve issues before end user experience is impacted.


Business Activity Analytics

View a 3-minute demo on how to define user interactions with apps in the context of a business workflow in order to measure, manage, and improve workforce productivity.


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Aternity Version 9 Overview

(2.0 MB)

Unlike domain-specific IT management products that address performance and availability of a portion of the IT infrastructure, Aternity Version 9 monitors end user experience from the perspective of the end user’s device, to address a broad set of IT Service Management challenges for the entire IT organization and the line of business. And SaaS deployment enables customers to get up and running even faster.


Aternity Workforce APM

(2.7 MB)

Learn how to close the visibility gap between your workforce’s user experience and what application-centric Application Performance Management (APM) tools are telling you about your app components, transactions, and the underlying code that supports them.


Aternity Desktop & App Virtualization Monitoring

(4.4 MB)

By monitoring the performance of any business transaction within any packaged or custom application, and correlating it with the key performance indicators of the underlying desktop virtualization, Aternity empowers enterprises to achieve successful VDI outcomes.


See What Matters through End User Experience Management

(1.7 MB)

Aternity's End User Experience Monitoring uniquely provides the context, visibility, and proactive analytics required to support the paradigm shift from a data center-centric to a user-centric computing model.


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Windows 10 Migration Guide

(4.7 MB)

A new guide for IT to manage change initiatives. Whether your organization is eager to migrate to Windows 10 this year, or is still feeling the pain of their Windows 7/8 upgrade and holding off for as long as possible, there are some unique opportunities to optimize services support during a major Microsoft migration, as well as some very real challenges to address.


Digital Workplace Guide Featuring Gartner Research

(1.5 MB)

Newly published guide, featuring Gartner research, provides you with insight into recognizing the forces underpinning your digital workplace strategy and how to integrate your mobile initiatives to transform your enterprise, key strategies for leveraging Mobile Application Performance Management (Mobile APM) to ensure expected gains in customer satisfaction and workforce productivity. You'll also gain access to Gartner’s “Make Mobile Part of Your Digital Workplace Strategy” report.


Mobile APM Guide Featuring Gartner Research

(37.2 kB)

Learn how to include your end users in your Enterprise Mobility Strategy. New paper, co-authored by Aternity and Gartner, provides free access to Gartner’s Market Guide for Mobile Application Performance Monitoring and industry use case examples to improve customer and workforce end user experience.


Optimizing Omni-channel Retail

(3.6 MB)

Want to learn how the biggest global retailers leverage Aternity to proactively assure excellent end user experience, which enables their staff to provide excellent customer service? Download this newly-released whitepaper, Optimizing Omni-channel Retail through End User Experience Management.


A Guide to Effectively Manage Cloud Vendors

(2.3 MB)

This guide provides insight into how End User Experience Monitoring can help hold cloud providers accountable to SLAs based on business processes. Includes an exclusive case study on how an enterprise leveraged End User Experience Management to drive a 40% increase in performance from their SaaS vendor.


Aternity Mobile Wrapper

(1.9 MB)

The Aternity Mobile Wrapper enables IT Ops, app store and MDM administrators to instrument mobile apps for diagnostics and user interactions without access to the code or an app developer — and with no loss of monitoring functionality.


How End User Experience Management Adds Value to Mobile Device Management

(2.2 MB)

Enterprise Mobility Management solutions play a key role in ensuring that mobile apps are well-architected, intuitive to use, compatible with multiple operating systems, secure, and much more. But ensuring excellent mobile user experience only begins there. It continues with app usage and performance in the field. That’s where Aternity comes in.


5 Reasons End User Experience Management is Not a Dimension of APM

(1.6 MB)

The popularity of APM has shined a bright light on only one component of End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) and has obscured the fact that EUEM is a separate, multi-dimensional solution that is essential to an organization’s performance management initiatives. Enterprises must see what the End User sees, experience what the End User experiences, in order to ensure the effectiveness of IT and business services. This is what EUEM delivers and why it matters.


Mobile Playbook

(3.6 MB)

Real-word trends, insights, and use cases, including exclusive viewpoints from industry experts on strategizing, planning, and optimizing enterprise mobility initiatives. Compiled and distributed by EndUserExperience2Day, the Playbook is heralded as a must-have resource, compiling the most compelling data from over 40 research and industry reports with a mix of original content and viewpoints from thought leaders – all within six pages.


Enterprise Mobility Survey: Read What Matters as IT Reflects on the Mobile Boom

(1.3 MB)

Aternity recently surveyed more C-level executives, IT Directors, and IT Managers, among Fortune 1000 enterprises in order to better understand how the enterprise is handling the rise of mobility in the workplace. From BYOD trends through IT accountability and data security, respondents were very clear on one thing: 505 of them are not ready to manage mobile apps and devices in the workplace.


Aternity for Citrix Workspace Suite

(7.1 MB)

Improving end user experience of the workforce only begins with providing secure access to any app on any device. Breaking down the silos between mobile and desktop computing is only a start to streamlining IT’s ability to support the mobile-first enterprise. Verified Citrix Ready for Citrix XenMobile, XenDesktop, and XenApp, Aternity delivers critical capabilities to enterprises deploying Citrix Workspace Suite enabling them to fulfill the mobile workspace vision. Get an in-depth understanding of how Aternity provides comprehensive visibility to measure, manage, and improve workforce productivity for any enterprise app delivered on any device – mobile, virtual or physical.


Monitoring End User Experience in a VDI Environment

(873.7 kB)

This whitepaper provides an overview of how Aternity monitors end user experience in a VDI environment. Aternity goes well beyond traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure assessment tools that are primarily focused on planning and testing virtual deployments. Aternity for VDI provides in-depth monitoring of end user experience in a production environment spanning tens of thousands of business users.


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