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4 Ways Legal Firms Ensure Workforce Productivity with End User Experience Monitoring

Aternity May 19, 2016

For technology leaders in any industry, a top priority is ensuring the IT infrastructure enables the workforce to be productive. Recognizing this, many IT executives have turned to Aternity End User Experience Monitoring to proactively identify and resolve problems affecting end users. When you’re part of IT in legal services, the stakes are especially high. According to a Wall Street Journal article, senior partners at top corporate law firms bill at rates exceeding $1200 per hour. While that’s at the high end, the graph below, from the LexisNexis Business of Law Blog, shows that median partner billing rates range from $300-$500 per hour for most areas of specialty. That’s an expensive workforce!

Source: LexisNexis Business of Law Blog

Here are four ways to use Aternity End User Experience Monitoring to ensure IT supports your expensive revenue generating employees.

 1.  Reduce Mean Time to Repair

When problems occur in business critical apps, IT Ops has to act fast. Aternity monitors the end user experience of apps such as iManage or Outlook, as they render on the screens of the devices used by your workforce. Aternity’s Real-time Performance Analytics automatically establishes baselines for normal performance, and notifies you when performance deviates from what is expected. With capabilities like these, Aternity enables IT to proactively detect and analyze app incidents by severity, affected users, and business locations, to prioritize response.

From the Frontline
A large U.S. law firm suffered recurring problems with slow intranet portal response. Using Aternity, they reduced the Mean Time to Repair by 75% by identifying the infrastructure as the source of delay. This ultimately eliminated War Room finger-pointing between domain-specific IT teams.

Proactively detect incidents on business critical apps to prioritize resolution efforts to where the impact is greatest

2.  Slash Device Boot Times

When lawyers bill clients at $300 to $1200 per hour, every minute they wait while their machine boots up is money flying out the window. If you’re part of the Desktop Services team, that’s your responsibility. Aternity collects boot information every time the machine powers up or a user logs in. Boot data also reveals factors such as specific drivers and group policies that slow down the process, and provide empirical evidence for IT teams to optimize these aspects.

From the Frontline
One of Aternity’s customers, a $650M regional law firm, verified 80% improvement in boot performance after upgrading desktops to solid state drives, thereby justifying company-wide deployment based on improved legal team productivity.

Troubleshoot the cause of slow device boot and logon times

3.  Cut Down on System and App Crashes

Of course, speeding up boot times doesn’t matter if end users regularly suffer system and application crashes while doing their jobs. Losing time due to crashes is especially unacceptable in legal services, since lawyers meticulously track their time to bill appropriately. By monitoring device health and event metrics, Aternity enables IT to identify and resolve these types of problems before they become widespread. The dashboard below shows of the 373 desktop health events that occurred on May 5th, 280 were due to Unexpected Shutdowns, System Crashes, or Windows Update Failures.

An international law firm representing the Global 100 reduced iManage system crashes and application hangs by 40% through proactive identification and resolution, improving end user satisfaction and IT staff productivity.

From the Frontline
An international law firm representing the Global 100 reduced iManage system crashes and application hangs by 40% through proactive identification and resolution, improving end user satisfaction and IT staff productivity.

Identify and resolve system and application crashes

4.  Hold IT Vendors Accountable

Law firms, like companies in other industries, are turning to cloud-delivered apps for faster access to innovation and lower capital expenses. Although cloud presents specific challenges in the legal services industry around security, privacy, data protection, and e-discovery, cloud management complexities are the same as for other verticals. The problem is that IT is held responsible for the performance of business critical applications which run on infrastructure under the control of the cloud vendor. Although cloud vendors provide SLAs that cover infrastructure uptime, incident response time commitments, and penalties, these are insufficient to guarantee excellent end user experience. SLAs based on business processes enable IT Operations and business executives to ensure that cloud-delivered apps deliver excellent customer service.

From the Frontline
A global firm held their SaaS vendor accountable by using Aternity to identify that their SaaS-delivered Time & Expense Reporting app met acceptable SLAs only 30-40% of the time.

Leverage End User Experience Monitoring to ensure the productivity of your legal firm

As law firms face increased competition and client demands for more certainty over their spend, they’ve turned to converged technologies to deliver better client satisfaction, staff efficiency, and financial results. BYOD, cloud, and productivity applications enable lawyers to collaborate across geographic regions, to prepare for important meetings while in transit, and to conduct business from home offices or on the road. IT requires visibility into end user experience to ensure that these initiatives deliver the expected gains. Unlike domain-specific IT management products that address performance and availability of a portion of the IT infrastructure, Aternity monitors end user experience from the perspective of the end user’s device, to address a broad set of IT Service Management challenges.

Customer use case video featuring CIO at Baker Donelson

Now is the time for your legal staff to start seeing green! Watch this short video to see a real-world perspective on End User Experience Monitoring from a top legal firm’s CIO. Then register for instant access to Aternity to explore its use cases on your own.



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