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AppInternals 10 is now Azure certified!

Aternity July 16, 2015


We’re excited to have another Azure-ready product. SteelHead was Azure certified right around this time last year, during Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference. It’s that time of year again, and we’re pleased to show our ongoing commitment to the cloud by getting the APM side of the platform certified for Azure.

What does AppInternals offer for customers moving to Azure? It provides real-time analytics to improve performance, optimizes user experience, and measures business impact of any application. Let’s dig a little deeper into how it makes this happen:

  • Ease of deployment and use – can be set up in minutes, while no special skills are required to set up and operate.
  • Interactive dashboards – exceptionally easy-to-use, web-based dashboard offers multiple perspectives into performance with simple two-click workflows for root cause analysis.
  • Most accurate, real-time monitoring – unlike other products, SteelCentral AppInternals traces every transaction from end-user device or browser to the application backend, while capturing second-by-second system metrics in production environments. This capability exposes and diagnoses even elusive, intermittent problems that impact user experience.
  • Fast remediation – SteelCentral AppInternals enables customers to diagnose root cause of app problems down to the code-level and allows them to import these diagnostics directly into Visual Studio for rapid resolution. Developers no longer have to spend a bulk of their time recreating and troubleshooting error scenarios before they can identify, diagnose and eliminate the root cause.

With both Riverbed AppInternals 10 and SteelHead certified for Azure, customers can gain visibility, optimization and control across their Microsoft cloud environments.

Check out AppInternals in the Azure Marketplace today!


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