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Application Performance Monitoring on Docker Containers Just Got Easier

Riverbed Technology September 19, 2017

Monitoring Applications from the Docker Linux Host

Application performance monitoring in a Docker environment got a lot of interest from customers and prospects who read our previous Docker blog and used our community videos to configure SteelCentral AppInternals agents to monitor applications running on Docker  containers. As with a lot of capabilities, appetite comes with eating. We were getting requests for even easier and more lightweight type of monitoring and decided to add those capabilities to the product.

The original approach for monitoring Docker containers was running an agent inside the container, when you don’t have access to a Docker host, this is still the right approach. In many cases customers do have access to the Docker Linux host and it made a lot of sense to use that access for monitoring. With SteelCentral AppInternals you can now monitor applications running on Docker containers from an agent running on the Linux host and reference that agent from the Docker containers.

Application Performance Monitoring: monitor containers from Linux host

This makes the process of monitoring applications fast, easy and lightweight.

The process is described in the following video:

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Read more about Riverbed’s application performance monitoring solution here

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