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Rethink Possible with Aternity at AWS re:Invent to Maximize Cloud and Digital Performance

Riverbed Technology November 5, 2018

It’s already early November, which means another AWS re:Invent is right around the corner. A quick scan of the agenda shows that AWS has planned a plethora of sessions, labs, and other activities to help customers gain a firm grasp of the cloud, while also ramping up on other next-gen technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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The undercurrent of these topics is digital transformation. It’s no longer just a marketing buzzword. Digital initiatives are pervasive across every industry and, according to a recent Riverbed survey, 98% of business leaders agree that digital, including the delivery of digital services and apps, is critical for future business success. So, chances are digital is top of mind for your executive team.

It’s top of mind for us at Riverbed, too. We’ve made it our mission to provide customers with the capabilities to rethink what’s possible with the apps, services, and experiences they deliver in order to maximize the digital performance of their business.

With so many companies using AWS as the backbone of their digital initiatives, re:Invent 2018 is the perfect place to evangelize the importance of digital performance. That’s why we’ll be at booth 2729 to showcase how Riverbed can help IT and business leaders unlock the full potential of AWS and accelerate their digital business outcomes by demoing the following solutions.

Monitor AWS performance from the code, across networks, and to users’ devices

Containers, microservices, and other cloud-native technologies grant developers unrivaled agility when building and deploying apps in AWS. However, the proliferation of container management technologies has created the “cloud of clouds” where multiple technology stacks present IT with a visibility black box, rendering traditional performance monitoring tools and techniques obsolete.

At the same time, frequent code delivery that is emblematic of today’s DevOps practices can lead to unstable software releases. This can result in service outages, frustrated users, and an inability to deliver timely, impactful new features.

Monitor AWS cloud performance holistically from code to apps to networks to user devices

Riverbed supports your DevOps-oriented teams with tools that analyze every aspect of performance across your AWS infrastructure—apps, networks, containers, even down to the code.

  • Deliver high-quality application releases: Our big data approach to application performance management (APM) provides powerful diagnostics spanning all apps, transactions, and users, allowing developers to quickly resolve bugs, see the effects of code changes, and ensure releases are production ready. Tight integrations with popular containers and orchestrators—including Docker, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes—enable teams to monitor and ensure performance, even during high rates of change.
  • Prioritize development based on business impact: Powerful machine learning algorithms and innovative AIops visualizations surface performance and usage insights—including top or underperforming features. This helps prioritize future development efforts by identifying the pieces of code that have the largest business impact. In addition, the Riverbed solution automatically blends and tailors metrics from across your AWS infrastructure into role-specific dashboards so stakeholders have up-to-date insights into impacts on revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • Understand AWS resource consumption to enable better performance: Gain real-time insights into what apps are running on your AWS VPCs, including east-to-west traffic and traffic flowing between VPCs and on-premises environments. This helps you understand where costs are coming from, as well as how to re-architect cloud apps for better performance.

Modernize networking for AWS with SD-WAN that is fast, agile, and secure

Modernize networking for the AWS cloud with SD-WAN

Cloud connectivity must extend seamlessly from the data center to branch offices, retail stores, and other remote sites that are the growth engines of the business. Unfortunately, most organizations are still relying on legacy, router-based networks that weren’t designed for the rates of change of today’s digital era. As a result, cloud deployments or new application roll-outs are often delayed, as are new opportunities to generate revenue or connect with new customers.

Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution helps you deliver new AWS services or open up new business locations in days versus weeks by radically simplifying the way cloud-connected networks are designed, deployed, and managed.

  • Quickly connect to AWS: One-click, full-mesh and secure connectivity into AWS—including support for AWS Direct Connect—makes it easy to establish connections between all edge locations, AWS VPCs, and other public clouds. Provide the fast, secure connections needed to reliably deliver AWS-hosted applications, regardless of where today’s on-the-go users need to access them.
  • Reduce costs and maximize AWS performance: The policy orchestration engine in our SD-WAN solution makes it easy to apply policies across your entire network—from LANs to WANs, to data centers, and into AWS and other clouds. This ensures apps are constantly steered over the optimal path according to performance or security requirements, leading to better network utilization, higher performance, and lower costs. Extending our industry-leading WAN optimization capabilities into AWS can generate further performance improvements for your cloud-hosted apps.
  • Bring a DevOps mentality to NetOps: Apply automation, programmability, and other DevOps principles to the network. Policies governing access, security, and performance are managed centrally and pushed out across the network in just a few clicks—instead of site-by-site, device-by-device. And a design-first, deploy-later approach that uses a unique shadow appliance concept and true zero-touch provisioning makes it painless to roll-out new services or sites.

Announcing our code analysis and networking challenges

AWS re:InventConsider yourself a top coder? Then you know a poorly coded app can cripple the user experience. Fortunately, we’re making it easy for developers and operations to ensure their software performs well, even in the most complex of environments. Stop by our booth to see how fast and easy it is to pinpoint and resolve code-level bugs and other performance issues using our APM tool, AppInternals.

Or maybe you’re more of a networking ninja? If so, we want to challenge you to rethink how you connect to the AWS cloud and to other branch or remote office locations. Let’s test your networking ninjutsu with our SD-WAN solution, SteelConnect. Get a taste of how networking has transformed to sync with cloud technologies and new business expectations.

Participants who enter our challenges will automatically get 14 days of free access to our e-learning lab, where you can sharpen your performance engineering and networking chops. Better yet? Those who successfully complete either challenge will get 10 tickets for our last Oculus Rift raffle on Thursday, 11/29. Be sure to stop by our booth to learn more and to enter.

Want to get a head start? Sign up for an account on the Riverbed Education Portal, where you can access a free Performance Foundations training and certification course. This is a great primer for our new Riverbed Certified Performance Engineering program, which was purpose-built for IT pros who are helping their businesses navigate digital transformation.

See you at AWS re:Invent 2018!Riverbed Maximize Digital Performance T-shirt at AWS re:Invent

Demos, contests, and thought-provoking cloud conversations are sure to be plentiful at the Riverbed booth, #2729. What more can you ask for?

How about some swag? You’re in luck there, too, as we’ll be distributing free T-shirts during the Monday welcome reception from 4:00-7:00 p.m at our booth. We’ll have limited quantities and it’s first-come, first-served.

We hope to see you at AWS re:Invent 2018, and safe travels!

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