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Black Friday and Cyber Monday—It’s Like Christmas in November

Aternity December 7, 2016


Black Friday outages, we see it in the news every year. Does it have to be this way?

Years ago, when I was new to APM, I had the opportunity to be onsite for one of those high-customer-traffic days of the year. I was walking to my desk and saw a guy from the operations team looking at his screen, he had a sad expression on his face, icons on the screen were changing colors from green to orange and some of them turned red. He looked at me and said ‘They look like Christmas lights. It’s going to be a very long night.’

I couldn’t help thinking about that past situation when I was looking at the synthetic monitoring we prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday changing colors. It looked like Christmas in November. The synthetics we ran were simple, the sites were sites where my friends and family often shop. The results for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday were interesting.

These were the some of the more interesting availability and maximum response time results for Cyber Monday. Site names were removed in favor of general line of business description:

Some of the interesting issues we saw:

A store where we were getting timeout on a regular basis:

A department store where average response time was quite high, requests were timing out and response time spiked to 54 seconds:

A clothes store that had HTTP 503 errors and timeout:

I am sure a lot of people were working long hours and worked very long nights, we see and hear about it in the news every year, it has been happening for years, but does it have to be this way?

No it doesn’t have to be this way, and this is how Riverbed SteelCentral can help:

  • monitor and alert on response time and availability for real users that are accessing the web site.
  • monitor and alert on response time and availability using Synthetic transactions to make sure everything is OK.
  • monitor the application transactions and the way the system processes them to identify bottleneck.
  • monitor the infrastructure that the application is running on.
  • identify the root cause of outages so they can be solved faster.

Times have changed. Riverbed has the solutions that can detect and alert on problems, help diagnose problems quickly and reduce time to resolution and financial loss.

For more information contact us or visit the SteelCentral page.

Special thanks to Koundinya Srinivasarao for all his help.


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