Boost the Digital Experience for Your Company’s End Users

Aternity May 15, 2019

Okay, our professional environment is massively different from the one that our parents worked in. I still remember my parents’ busy work schedules. They stayed late in the office and often drove in on weekends to ensure that an important report was completed.

When was the last time you had to drive into the office on a Saturday in order to complete a report? Are we working less nowadays? Are we lazier than our parents’ generation or is our productivity dropping?  Clearly not. The simple fact of the matter is that we work very differently than we used to. Instead of heading to the office on Saturday, we flip on the laptop in the living room and log on. Many of us work remotely and across highly distributed organizations. We are connecting from more places, often using a variety of device types and to a wider array of application types. Furthermore, the rapid move to cloud and SaaS has transformed companies’ ability to create new digital revenue streams and improve employee productivity. No need to spend millions in deploying and maintaining Microsoft Exchange server on premises when you get it off-the-shelf as part of the Office 365 SaaS environment. SaaS application use within the enterprise is growing dramatically.

Losing control of app performance

So two things are changing:

  1. Employees’ increasing use of mobile technology, accessing dozen of SaaS apps to do their work
  2. SaaS-based apps are outside the control of the IT team

Average number of SaaS apps

On the surface, this is great for your business but the loss of control of the app performance to the SaaS vendor has created problems for your employees.

How big of a problem is it? At the same time that employees use an average of eight SaaS applications at work, 73% of organizations report poor SaaS performance on a monthly basis (ESG, April 2019).

Poor SaaS Performance

This issue is significantly worse when the employee is mobile, when he or she is located remotely, or when traffic is backhauled due to corporate security policy. In addition, you no longer have visibility into the application performance and do not have the data to hold your SaaS vendors accountable. Your employees are constantly complaining but you are not in a position to (1) verify if the performance is poor or (2) do anything to improve it.

Instead, you are wasting time in long support calls with your SaaS provider, unable to prove the problem as you have no data.

The bottom line is that we need to improve our infrastructure to meet the demands of the more flexible workplace, but how do we take our network infrastructure and move it forward to meet these demands?

Time to gain control of SaaS apps and satisfy your employees

Today, Riverbed announced several key enhancements that will help our customers do just that. We introduced the first and only complete SaaS Performance Management solution. Organizations can monitor performance of SaaS-based applications like O365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box and rapidly accelerate application performance when network issues are resulting in degraded user experience. When network latency is the cause of the performance problem, your company can leverage Riverbed’s SaaS Accelerator to dramatically improve performance, especially in distributed workforce scenarios. With SaaS Accelerator, your organization does not have to compromise the security posture and continue to backhaul SaaS traffic through a corporate network while still delivering great SaaS app performance to all employees, wherever they are located.

We also announced enhancements to our SD-WAN solution, SteelConnect, which provides a single, unified orchestration and connectivity fabric across the entire distributed enterprise network with embedded security, optimization and visibility. This release boosts agility, security and operation efficiency with advances in multi-cloud network automation, enhanced service-chaining for on-premises and cloud-based security services and increased flexibility to deploy and manage SD-WAN in complex global environments.

Also announced were advancements to our Digital Experience Management solution that enables companies to improve digital service continuity and reduce business disruptions. It features a new “active” page that gives customers a heads-up display of important performance information upon login. It also introduces end user remediation that helps support organizations resolve common user device issues. These scripts can be deployed by support agents to improve resolution times or leveraged on the end user’s device to proactively resolve issues before they are escalated to support. The result is better user satisfaction, lower IT costs, and improved stability.

Take a few minutes to learn how Riverbed can help your company take control of SaaS performance by attending the webcast, Breakthrough Innovations in SaaS & Cloud Performance. Learn more about our latest release.

Your employees and your business will thank you for it!