Taking a Deeper Dive into Front End Web Performance with Blue Triangle

Peco Karayanev November 12, 2019

As web app development continues to shift towards delivering richer and more interactive user experiences, frequently supported by rich content, third-party objects and complex client frameworks like React or Angular, greater front-end monitoring visibility is also needed to manage this growing complexity.

Measuring web performance and diagnosing client-side problems has never been more important in keeping users happy and engaged. While Aternity’s core application performance monitoring (APM) capability provides a great foundation for troubleshooting, with web visibility based on JavaScript injection and script-based synthetic monitoring, we’re now able to extend deeper into the front end with our technical alliance with Blue Triangle Technologies. The fully integrated, joint solution offers unprecedented depth for web performance analytics that will help our customers understand how complex web apps perform and how that impacts the business.

Here are a few of these advanced integrations at a glance.

Measuring web performance of SaaS apps

The Aternity endpoint agent, deployed broadly within the enterprise, offers a unique vantage point into application performance from the user device. With our technical integration, the Aternity agent is now capable of injecting the BlueTriangle Real User Monitoring instrumentation to further inspect the web front-end experience. This delivers a comprehensive view into common SaaS apps, like WorkDay, Salesforce, and Concur, revealing issues down to the web page object level, client-side JavaScript and third party objects. As a result, Aternity users can now leverage endpoint agents for broad app analytics and gain deep web performance visibility with Blue Triangle.

Below is an example of an aggregate web performance waterfall inside Blue Triangle. It highlights long-running JavaScript loading before critical performance milestones, like Time to Interactive.

web performance waterfall

Optimizing the user journey

Blue Triangle’s user journey pathing is generated dynamically based on how users use a web app or website. Since Blue Triangle can quantify how web performance impacts revenue, conversions, the user path and associated experiences, customer journey pathing shines a spotlight on areas that perform poorly and cause users to abandon their session. We have connected the Blue Triangle journey analytics to our back-end transaction analysis with Aternity APM. In a couple of clicks, we can now see where the biggest business impact is on the user journey, and identify which parts of the app need to be addressed to reduce this impact.

user journey

Comprehensive visibility into third party tags and content

Some performance issues may be hiding entirely on the client side because of third party content, tags, or JavaScript execution. Blue Triangle’s Tag Governance can provide comprehensive analysis of how third-party content behaves inside the web browser. It tracks the performance, loading order, website placement, and site speed impact of every piece of third-party content. And with real-time alerting, websites and web apps can quickly react to performance issues stemming from third-party content.

3rd party objects and tags

Next steps

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