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Maximize the Transformation of Your Digital Workplace with DX Academy

Cristina Daroca May 5, 2021
DX Academy is Aternity’s new training solution that provides DEM best practices training from both Aternity and third party sources, including technology partners and other associated institutions.

The rapid shift to remote and hybrid workforces has accelerated complexities in the digital workplace. As a result, many organizations rushed to implement a Digital Experience Management (DEM) solution to better manage their employees’ digital experience. 

But most organizations are barely scratching the surface of what their DEM platform can do for them. Beyond the more traditional training for the technical DEM practitioners, the industry has been lacking in establishing industry-wide standards for best practices. 

Until now.

Introducing DX Academy

DX Academy is Aternity’s new training solution that provides DEM best practices training from both Aternity and third party sources, including technology partners and other associated institutions. Through leading-edge training techniques, DX Academy provides organizations with the knowledge to efficiently and confidently transform digital experiences with the DEM’s unparalleled depth of analysis. 

DX Academy is designed for both technical DEM practitioners and business stakeholders. After all, in order to deliver the business outcomes that are most important to enterprises, it’s not enough for just one side of the business to know how to leverage insights from their DEM platform. 

Both technical DEM practitioners and business stakeholders each have their own insights based on their interaction with the Aternity platform, so maximizing your DEM platform requires a combination of the knowledge from both of these groups.

Why DX Academy is the Right Fit for You

We recognize that organizations are at different stages of experience with DEM. Some organizations  may be focused on reducing operational costs associated with providing an excellent digital experience. Some may be focused on improving the quality of service of the applications and devices provided to their employees. And some may be ready to improve business performance for their employees and customers. 

Regardless of where you find yourself, DX Academy has a learning path aligned to your specific business objectives and Aternity product editions.

DX Academy Learning Paths

We worked hard to create a program that would be engaging, informative and realistic regarding the time requirements to participate in extended learning. To do this in the most efficient way possible, we designed our courses to run for approximately 4-6 hours, split into 5-15 minute modules, for easier, self-paced consumption. Each of the courses offer a unique combination of training modules, use-case videos and expert guidance.

DX Academy courses will cover a wide range of topics, including technical enablement, value enablement and targeted use cases.

Stay Tuned!

DX Academy supports the evolution of your digital workplace. In the coming months, stay tuned for: 

  • “What’s New” modules–users can subscribe to stay up-to-date on latest release features.
  • Gamification–earn various achievements and badges upon completion of certain modules.
  • Persona / role-based learning paths–search for your specific role within an organization to discover a suggested learning path tailored to your needs.

At Aternity, we’re committed to helping you provide the best possible employee and customer digital experience. DX Academy will equip you with the knowledge of practical DEM best practices so you can work toward achieving the business outcomes that are most important to you. 

To learn more about DX Academy or to subscribe to your preferred learning path, visit

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