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How Mobile App Monitoring can Improve End User Experience

Mike Marks October 23, 2017

Guarantee an excellent mobile user experience

Bet Your EUEM Can't Do This #6 This last entry in the End User Experience Monitoring blog series covers mobile apps. One of the key obstacles to a successful Digital Experience Management strategy is the broad range of business critical apps that IT must support. Many companies are using mobile apps to drive up customer engagement and workforce productivity. To achieve these goals, IT ensure those mobile apps deliver a “five star” user experience. That’s where mobile Application Performance Management (APM) comes in.

Unlike other monitoring products, SteelCentral Aternity End User Experience Monitoring enables IT to ensure an excellent digital experience for any type of local, cloud, or web app running on laptops, PCs, virtual desktops, or mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. And Aternity addresses the key use cases for developers, IT Operations, and the line of business.

Watch this short video to learn more:

How BYOD complicates End User Experience Monitoring

B2B Mobile AppsEnsuring an excellent user experience for apps running on mobile devices is more complicated than for laptops and PCs. According to an article, 60% of enterprises currently support bring your own device (BYOD) policies, and another 14% plan to do so within a year. Because of concerns about privacy, IT cannot put a monitoring agent on a mobile device owned by the end user. This is different than for laptops or PCs that IT issues to employees. And of course, IT cannot put a monitoring agent on the smartphones of its customers.

So ensuring an excellent end user experience requires instrumenting the mobile app itself, not the device. Instrumenting the app enables IT to monitor the performance of ONLY that app. End users, whether consumers or employees, maintain their privacy, because IT cannot see any other app running on their device.

Mobile app performance metrics

Digital Experience AnalyticsSteelCentral Aternity provides a variety of end user experience monitoring metrics out of the box for instrumented apps, such as crashes, errors, and service performance response time. It also provides key device metrics, such as network, battery and signal strength. Unlike other monitoring products, Aternity also enables IT to monitor users’ interactions with applications in the context of a business workflow, such as the length of time to process a claim, look up a patient, etc. This enables IT to establish SLAs based on business processes.

Tag-free mobile app instrumentation

Developers use the Aternity mobile SDK to instrument internally developed apps for end user experience monitoring. Before deploying their app to their enterprise app store, developers dynamically insert the SDK into the Apple iPhone application archive (.ipa) or Android application package (.apk) file.

For apps developed by third parties, the Aternity Mobile Wrapper enables enterprises to instrument mobile apps without tagging the code. You don’t need a developer, and the wrapper provides the same level of monitoring as the SDK does. Wrapping an app is as simple as adding a file to a zip file, and takes only minutes. Once you add the SDK to the app archive file, you post the wrapped app to the enterprise app store for distribution. This is the same approach used by leading EMM vendors like MobileIron, Citrix, IBM, etc.

Monitor, analyze, prioritize, and optimize

With SteelCentral Aternity End User Experience Monitoring, developers can monitor apps in real-time to get visibility into the app’s performance, its interaction with the network and the device, and the impact of performance on user experience.

  • Isolate problems to the code or the network, and analyze them with code-level stack trace to speed resolution
  • Analyze the performance of the app across device and OS versions, geographies and carriers, to identify trends
  • Track usage, crashes, errors, HTTP performance and volume relative to thresholds and geography
  • Compare the performance of mobile apps across geographies, carriers, devices, and OS versions to optimize performance
Mobile End User Experience Monitoring
Troubleshoot app problems by monitoring any enterprise mobile app in the portfolio, assessing performance by geographic location, and drilling down to analyze key metrics.

Proactively identify and resolve issues from the user’s device to the back end

With SteelCentral, app developers and IT Operations teams can proactively detect and analyze application incidents. It stores a record of every transaction and its associated system metrics, call trees including parameters, URLs, user information, network conversations and web service calls.

  • Trace transactions from the user, over the network and into the backend, while capturing system metrics every second
  • Reconstruct incidents in detail to fix application, network or infrastructure issues
  • Seamlessly monitor and manage your dynamic infrastructure, including datacenters, IaaS, PaaS and containerized environments
  • Query and analyze billions of metrics to discover bugs, draw business insights and proactively improve performance, to help deliver superior user experience
Application Performance Management
Trace every transaction, from the user device to the application backend, while exposing bottlenecks and errors in application code, SQL, system resources, network or web-services on and off the cloud.

Measure, manage, and improve mobile workforce productivity

SteelCentral enables business executives to determine the effectiveness of their mobile strategy on improving workforce productivity.

  • Evaluate mobile adoption progress by tracking mobile app usage by department and geography
  • Validate expected gains in productivity by comparing business activities over time, and on mobile vs. wired devices
  • Prove the reliability of migrating business processes to mobile by analyzing SLA compliance for key business activities
  • Justify necessary investments by quantifying the financial impact of poor app performance

Get started with SteelCentral today!

The success of your mobile strategy depends on ensuring an excellent mobile end user experience. With SteelCentral, you can ensure a “five star” user experience for all of the business critical apps in your portfolio – local, web, cloud, or mobile. Your operations team can rely on the same workflow, the same processes, and the same product to manage EVERY business critical app in the portfolio. No matter whether those apps are local, web, cloud, or mobile. That means faster troubleshooting, fewer hand-offs, better IT efficiency, and better digital experience – for your customers and your workforce. Read the SteelCentral Mobile APM solution brief to learn more.

Free Trial End User Experience MonitoringOr better yet, you can get instant access to Aternity in our cloud environment and explore the Mobile APM use case yourself!

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