Independent Analyst Research Firm Evaluates Aternity and 10 Other End-User Experience Management Vendors

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Mike Marks October 27, 2020
Forrester published the Forrester New Wave: End-User Experience Management Q4 2020 report in October 2020. Aternity was listed as "strong performer" and tied for the highest "current offering." Aternity was noted as having differentiated capabilities in telemetry collection, cloud capabilities, and dashboarding. Get your complimentary copy of the report and read about Aternity's strengths.

On October 27, 2020 Forrester published The Forrester New Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q4 2020 report. Aternity joined ten other select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its evaluation. Aternity was cited as a Strong Performer in the End-User Experience Management market. You can review the detailed analysis of Aternity and the other vendors by obtaining a complimentary copy of the report via a registration page on our website.

Aternity’s differentiation in the End-User Experience Management market

Aternity tied for the highest score in the “Current Offering” category in The Forrester New Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q4 2020. We believe that this evaluation validates what our customers have been saying about the particular strengths of our current product offering.

As seen in the Aternity “QuickCard” profile, Forrester gave Aternity a “differentiated” rating (^) in three of the ten evaluation criteria – telemetry collection, cloud capabilities, and dashboarding.

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Aternity received a differentiated rating in the telemetry collection, cloud capabilities, and dashboarding, and an “on par” rating in the seven other criteria on which End-User Experience Management vendors were evaluated.


1. Telemetry collection: Measuring ACTUAL end user experience

Forrester recognized our unique capability to capture application performance as seen by the end user. As Forrester said in the report, Aternity “excels at measuring application experience. While Aternity provides device and network-centric monitoring, it stands out on the application front. Its click-to-render and quality of service (QoS) metrics for enterprise apps are a major selling point for customers.”

Aternity End User Experience Monitoring, Digital Experience Monitoring
Aternity monitors the actual end user experience of every local, web, SaaS, or thick client app, running on any device. It tracks “click to render” time for the business activities the user conducts on all of their apps, and provides color-coded status to indicate deviation from baselines.

The Forrester report continued by saying that Aternity “Is best suited for companies measuring employee workflows. Aternity customers frequently use the application monitoring features to measure speed of key workflows within Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and other mission-critical applications. That’s especially true if the company is also measuring performance for customer-facing apps.”

Unlike other products, the Aternity Digital Experience Management platform brings business context to every end-user, application and activity to inform remediation, drive down costs and improve productivity. The Aternity Digital Experience Management platform enables its agents to be deployed either on the end user’s device for visibility into employee experience OR on the components of the application back-end, for complete visibility into data-center and cloud-native application environments. In this way, Aternity provides capabilities for DPM, EUEM and APM.

2. Cloud capabilities: 5 years of multi-tenant SaaS operations

gdprThe Forrester New Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q4 2020 report also rated Aternity’s cloud capabilities as “differentiated.” Aternity has had more than 5 years experience in operating a true multi-tenant, SOC-2 Type II, GDPR compliant SaaS-based digital experience management platform in global data centers. With millions of employee devices under management via our certified Aternity SaaS platform, companies rely on Aternity to get to market fast with digital experience insights and new functionality every month. Read more about our security, availability, and compliance at the Aternity Trust Center.

3. Dashboarding: multiple dashboards for IT and business users

Dashboarding is the third criterion on which Forrester rated Aternity as “differentiated.”  Aternity provides a broad range of dashboards that address different use cases for the various groups within business and IT teams who care about end-user experience. Aternity provides a rich set of dashboards, insights, and automated remediation that support DEM for IT use cases like shifting left in the service desk, managing collaboration app sprawl, and self-healing. Unlike other EUEM vendors, Aternity also supports DEM for business use cases like smart device refresh, SLAs based on business processes, and cross-industry benchmarking.

The latest release of Aternity SaaS includes new, customizable troubleshooting dashboards that empower IT teams with increased visibility to isolate and remediate IT issues more efficiently. These dashboards enable customers to analyze device, application, and user experience metrics at a more granular basis, and to customize the look and feel of the dashboard according to their requirements. Watch this short video to see more:

Forrester’s definition of the EUEM and DEM markets

As noted in it recent report, Forresters’s Now Tech: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2020, “Forrester defines end-user experience management as:

A set of client-side capabilities that helps I&O pros manage the daily technology experience of employees by collecting and analyzing telemetry data from employee devices, apps, networks, and authentication mechanisms. These agent-based solutions reside on the endpoint itself and help I&O pros identify and proactively remediate degradation in technology experience.

The Now Tech report also states that Forrester differentiates End-User Experience Management (EUEM) from Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) “which focuses on monitoring customer-facing websites and server applications to improve customer experience (CX).” Note that this Forrester definition is not a universal standard. For example, in its recently published Market Guide for Digital Experience Monitoring, Gartner states that users include both customers and employees, as well as non-human digital agents.

Unlike Device Performance Monitoring (DPM) vendors, which address employee experience, or Application Performance Monitoring (APM) vendors, which primarily address customer experience, Aternity addresses both sets of users. With our Digital Experience Management platform, Aternity spans the range of both of these definitions, by enabling companies to ensure an excellent digital experience of ALL users, including a company’s employees and its customers.

Aternity Digital Experience Management Platform, DEM, EUEM, APM, Benchmarking
The Aternity Digital Experience Management platform includes capabilities for End-User Experience Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring, Device Performance Monitoring, and IT Service Benchmarking

Get started today

Aternity Free TrialIf you’re not yet an Aternity customer, you can explore these capabilities by registering for a free trial of Aternity running in your environment. You’ll see how your organization compares to the market with the benchmarking insights from millions of end points monitored in via Aternity SaaS. You’ll see how your Service Desk can drive down costs and improve service with AI-driven automated remediation. And you’ll get a view of employee experience for every app running in your environment – even SaaS and Shadow IT.