Gaining a Clear Path to Digital Experience Success

Aternity September 23, 2021

The technology landscape is constantly evolving, requiring organizations to keep up with continuous digital improvement. According to Acquia, “40% of global consumers report buying more online than they used to.” Improving employee digital experience is also increasing in importance, with only 38% of employees reporting that they are satisfied with work-related tools and technology.

As a result, industry-leading organizations are striving to improve both the customer and employee experience.

But organizations face myriad challenges to close this digital experience gap. Common monitoring platforms flood business leaders with seemingly never-ending metrics with little context surrounding the impact of the business. As a result, organizations struggle to accurately measure their own digital dexterity. This prevents them from gathering the necessary information to guide their investment decisions that can produce the biggest business impact.

After all, you can’t improve things you can’t effectively measure.

Don’t let these challenges hinder your IT teams from providing a clear path to digital experience improvement for your customers and employees.

The Solution to Continuous Improvement

Aternity’s Digital Experience Index (DXI) is the solution to your experience-enhancing needs. Aternity’s DXI automatically identifies digital experience hot spots across your enterprise that impact employees and customers, setting you on a path to action and improvement.

The DXI platform exclusively enables you to tailor digital experience improvement goals based on industry benchmarks and your own business requirements. Your team can track performance trends, associate gaps to lost productivity or revenue, and hone in on the worst performing areas for root cause analysis and rapid remediation.

Watch our video to learn more about how Aternity’s DXI can enable the continuous improvement of digital experience for your employees and customers.