Managing the Shift in the New Age of Remote Work

Bill Hewitt April 15, 2020
An update from Aternity CEO Bill Hewitt on how Aternity is responding to assist customers and adjust our roadmap in response to the shift to remote work.

Here’s an update to my blog on business resiliency from last month. Over the past few weeks, the team at Aternity has gone all out to help our customers master the shift to remote work. I’d like to update you on a few of the key initiatives and the great response we’ve received from our customers and the market.

How we’ve been managing during this crisis

remote workforce
The Aternity Remote Workforce dashboard library contains a curated set of dashboards developed in collaboration with our customers to answer the key questions about remote employee experience.

I’ve been incredibly impressed and proud of how the Aternity team has leapt into action to assist our customers in response to the immediate shift to remote work brought on by coronavirus COVID-19. Every functional area of the company has pivoted to help our customers ensure business continuity. Some examples:

  • We are conducting open “office hours” via collaboration apps so that customers ask questions of our technical experts on how to get the most out of our software.
  • We are collaborating with our customers and have built a specialized set of remote workforce dashboards, available for free to all Aternity SaaS customers, which address the common questions IT must answer to ensure a positive employee experience. If you’re a current Aternity customer, you can find these in the remote workforce category of your dashboard library.
  • We’ve shifted development priorities in order to deliver the product functionality customers need to ensure a successful remote employee experience, prioritizing capabilities to manage collaboration apps like Zoom, Webex, Slack, and Teams. We’ve enhanced the visibility into VPN and wifi so that end user services teams can ensure their employees are provisioned with the right IT stack for productive work.
  • Finally, we provided a robust set of remote workforce resources on our website. You’ll find white papers, use case videos, and other collateral to help you ensure you get the most out of our products.

Leadership in Action

It has been great to hear from our customers how we have been able to help them manage in what will most likely be seen as the biggest global crisis of the decade, if not the century. Their employees have done some amazing things to support their business continuity and we are grateful for the opportunity to be in partnership with them. Here are a few of their stories.

  • Our DEM solution notified one of our larger professional services customers that one of their mission-critical SaaS applications was struggling. In the words of our customer, “it was due to the Aternity alerting that we got. Even though the vendor did not quite know that they had an issue, we already alerted them of the problem and there were investigating it.” This is a classic case of holding SaaS vendors accountable.
  • The group CIO of a global financial services company complemented his team on their roll-out of Aternity to 40,000 employees in under a week. In his words, “with our deployment of Aternity we now have a view of end-user experience to an individual level that’s proving invaluable in ensuring we can support every member of the team to the highest standard.”
  • One of the new struggles for CIOs in our community is the over-extension of their IT teams with support tickets to the scaled remote workforce. We recently helped one such team at a large technology manufacturer gain instant visibility to quickly identify and resolve the problems across 100,000+ remote workforce. Employees are the new strategic asset in the Digital Age.

Insights into the impact of the shift to remote work on productivity

global remote work productivity tracker volume 1The sudden shift to remote work is uncharted territory for many enterprises. Organizations are adapting to remote work from an IT and management perspective, but many haven’t fully assessed the impact on productivity. With millions of employee endpoints under management via Aternity, we have provided insights into the productivity and employee experience of our company’s remote workforce.

We’ve also published the first volume of the Global Remote Work Productivity Tracker, which shows trends in the shift to remote work by country, and the impact of that shift on employee productivity. You can get a preview of some the surprising insights in the report by viewing the SlideShare here.

The Global Remote Work Productivity Tracker from Aternity

Check out the Aternity News site to view the market response to our first report. These insights are invaluable in leveraging the most important asset of the digital age- the remote worker. We will continue to publish more insights on remote work and other important topics that will help you maximize productivity and the digital experience for your teams.

Let me know how we can help

At Aternity, we are committed to helping you deliver the best end-user experience possible. Unlike other solutions, Aternity gives you an end-to-end picture from application to workstation, with 100% traceable, actual data about your systems, applications, networks and device performance. Everyone at Aternity is focused on working closely with our customers to help them master the shift to remote work. Don’t hesitate to drop me a note at with your thoughts or suggestions.