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Optimize Your Application with Business Relevant APM

Riverbed Technology October 3, 2017

You have an application that your business relies on and it is slow, you want to optimize it but your developer resources and time are limited, where should you spend your time and efforts? How do you optimize your application in a way that improves your business and gives you the most bang for the buck? SteelCentral AppInternals can help.

Optimizing your application performance

When we think about improving an application’s performance, the immediate thought that comes into mind is to look at what is consuming most of an application’s time, and make that work faster. It is a good approach, and if we look at SteelCentral AppInternals interface, we can see the following card called Performance Graph. On the left side we can see the transactions and the Sum of Processing Time, on the right you see the Method/sql that were consuming most of the transaction time and the Sum of its Processing Time. The awesome thing about the Performance Graph is that it eliminates the complexity of dependency maps, it makes it VERY simple to see immediately what is causing a slowness to a business activity.

performance graph sum of processing time

In the above example, if we want to save time, Securities transaction is taking most of the time, and to improve it we need to improve the GetAnalysRecommendation method that is consuming most of the time. Our second priority would be the Orders transaction that is spending most of its time in a DB call. With SteelCentral AppInternals it is THAT SIMPLE and THAT FAST!

This is great BUT is this the best place to put our Dev time and efforts?

Time is money

Not all transactions have the same value, some transactions may be common, simple, and don’t have a lot of business value. Some transactions are crucial to our business, they are our money makers, the most important business activities that we have. If we could process more transactions in the same time frame, or remove delays from those transactions, it will add to the bottom line of our business and will give us the best bang for the buck. And THAT’s the place where it is better to spend our time and Dev efforts.

With SteelCentral AppInternals we can give transactions values and see the Financial Impact of  transactions. We can also see the Financial Impact of the top methods and SQL calls.


In the above example, it is quite clear that our Securities transaction is a lesser priority, If we can improve the SQL statement that is causing the most Financial Impact to our Orders transaction, that will benefit our business the most. We also need to look at our Home Loans (that nobody would even look at when time was the only factor) and according to the financial impact of the methods/calls we can decide the priority of work.

Do you want to improve your business? Try out SteelCentral AppInternals for free today!


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