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See SteelCentral AppInternals in Action at JavaOne

Aternity October 16, 2015


Apps drive business results

Software is pervasive! It has transformed industries, supercharging productivity and connectivity, and has spawned new opportunities that help us stay competitive. Software is eating the world—big bites at a time.

Developers and operations teams make apps happen

IT develops and delivers applications. But requirements constantly evolve as users demand more features. This increases pressure on developers and operations teams to deliver software rapidly without compromising reliability or around-the-clock availability.How do they expedite release cycles and maximize time spent on new features as opposed to maintaining existing code? It comes down to two practices:

  • In Dev/Test: Ensure release quality prior to release: Identifying all erroneous code during testing helps developers fix them early. Detailed transaction tracing can help QA expose and diagnose bottlenecks so that developers have the information they need to resolve them quickly. This helps make releases production ready.
  • In Production: Resolve errors ASAP: Monitoring apps in production ensures that you are the first know when problems strike. Recording every transaction from user to back-end along with its associated system metrics and call tree details help developers reconstruct incidents and eliminate root cause quickly.

Take control of app performance with AppInternals

Helping developers and operations stay focused on delivering new features is important for businesses to stay competitive. SteelCentral AppInternals arms them with the diagnostics they need to minimize time spent fixing bugs, maximize release quality, and keep them focus on delivering business-impacting applications. Don’t take my word for it…

‘We’re now able to look inside of the developers’ code—without having to modify the code—while it’s running in our production environment. That’s fantastic. I can’t imagine someone running a site of any real size without this capability.’ Global Web Systems Manager, National Instruments

Visit us at JavaOne in booth 5607 and see how SteelCentral AppInternals monitors cloud and datacenter based applications continuously, to trace all transactions while recording system performance every second so that you:

  • Never miss an app performance problem: get end user experience insights, and application and infrastructure performance analytics to detect problems before your users do
  • Accurately reconstruct incidents: recreate the scene of the crime with all the evidence in hand to quickly diagnose and resolve underlying causes within code, SQL or system resources
            And while you’re visiting us at JavaOne, don’t forget to enter to win an Xbox One 1 TB Console – Halo 5 Guardians Limited Edition Bundle.*

In the meanwhile, try AppInternals for free – no installation required!


*Must be present to win!


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