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See Aternity at JavaOne to Develop and Deliver Superior Digital Experiences

Riverbed Technology September 13, 2017

See Riverbed at JavaOne for Digital Experience ManagementThe annual JavaOne conference is right around the corner in San Francisco, CA. Like previous editions, this year’s event promises a ton of technical sessions, hands-on labs, and other activities that empower developers to explore how cloud, DevOps, and other mega trends are shaping today’s digital businesses.

Riverbed will be on hand to showcase how we are uniquely positioned to help customers develop and deliver superior digital experiences—across any app or device, from the point of development, into production, and beyond.

Why is digital experience management so important?

According to a 2016 Gartner CIO survey, two-thirds of enterprises are investing in digital business today. In fact, digital capabilities and IT were the top two CEO investments in 2016 according to the same survey.

In addition, by 2020:

  • At least 30 billion end-user devices will be connected to the Internet.
  • CEOs expect their digital revenue to increase by more than 80%.
  • The U.S. B2B digital commerce market alone will be $1.13 trillion.

In other words, the stakes are high. And the competition will surely outpace those businesses that fail to invest in these digital capabilities.

On the other hand, organizations developing digital strategies can ill-afford to deliver sub-optimal applications and user experiences. Unfortunately, ensuring high-performing apps that consistently delight all users—be they employees, customers, or partners—is becoming increasingly difficult.

Rising complexity makes digital experience management extremely difficult

Digital Experience Management requires a proactive and holistic approach

Applications today are complex. They span on-premises data centers, as well as public and private clouds. They also consist of microservices, containers, and countless other third-party components—all of which are transient in nature and interrelated with dozens of other application dependencies.

Adding to the complexity are the hybrid networks that deliver these applications, characterized by a mash-up of private MPLS links, the public Internet, and potentially other modes of transport. Lastly, both static and mobile users access these apps, often from a handful of mobile device types.

What it all boils down to are complex architectures, where assuring reliable digital experiences is anything but a given. Which also begs the question—even with the most meticulously developed application, how can you ensure code updates won’t buckle under pressure when deployed to real-world environments?

Fragmented and outdated management tools won’t cut it…

Compounding this complexity even further is that IT often uses fragmented, legacy tools to manage applications, networks, and end-user devices. Enterprises frequently rely on a number of disparate, point-based monitoring tools to oversee each “link” in the application delivery chain: network, infrastructure, application, servers, etc. Teams that utilize this approach don’t have a holistic view into digital service performance or the resulting user experience.

As a result, these organizations fail to understand the business impact of their apps and digital services. Moreover, they can’t easily identify areas for strategic improvement or know which features to add or take away.

Last, but certainly not least, router-based approaches to networking hamper many organizations today. Such manual approaches don’t allow IT teams to scale cloud and digital initiatives properly.

Riverbed to the rescue with full-stack visibility and cloud networking

Riverbed addresses these challenges with a comprehensive platform for monitoring and optimizing the entire digital experience. By providing real-time insights across the application lifecycle, we empower teams to accelerate development, improve delivery, and fine-tune performance.

  • Develop frequent, high-quality releases: Integrate performance monitoring into your DevOps and build tool chains so you can develop faster without sacrificing quality by detecting code-level bugs, predicting service behavior, and ensuring releases are optimized for production.
  • Gain a complete view of performance: Collect detailed diagnostics across all devices, apps, networks, and infrastructure, and easily translate this information into role-specific insights for all stakeholders in terms of revenue, productivity, and user satisfaction.
  • Consistently deliver high-performing digital services: Proactively resolve problems before they negatively impact end users or the business, keep systems up and running during times of change, and continually identify and prioritize areas for digital service improvement.

And for those of you with a flair for networking, we make it extremely easy to design, deploy, and manage networks in the cloud era with our SD-WAN solution.

Through simple, yet powerful workflows and a unified connectivity fabric spanning WANs, W/LANs, clouds, and data centers, SD-WAN replaces network management complexity with cloud-era agility—freeing up teams to focus more time on optimizing digital service delivery.

See us in action at JavaOne for a chance to win Apple AirPods

See Riverbed at JavaOne to Discuss Digital Experience ManagementRiverbed can help you develop and deliver high-performing apps and digital services. Join us at JavaOne, in booth 6308, on October 2-4 to see how to ensure reliable and high-quality digital experiences by:

  • Monitoring and gathering insights into applications, networks and infrastructure, on and off the cloud, with Riverbed SteelCentral.
  • Managing and securing hybrid networks, and accelerating application delivery to end users with Riverbed SteelConnect SD-WAN.

Stop by our booth, see these solutions in action, and enter for a chance to win Apple AirPods! We look forward to seeing you there.

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