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SteelCentral APM Recognized in the Gartner APM Magic Quadrant Report

Aternity January 4, 2017


SteelCentral APM had a very busy and exciting 2016! Here is a quick retrospective of 2016 and what is on the horizon for 2017.

Let’s start with the newly released 2016 Gartner APM Magic Quadrant. Gartner has ranked Riverbed’s SteelCentral APM suite higher than previous years both in terms of critical product capabilities and positioning as a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Customers agree with that assessment, and have given Riverbed SteelCentral APM the user review rank among the top 10 APM vendors according to Gartner Peer Insights. There are numerous reasons why analysts and customers are recognizing SteelCentral as a leading APM solution but I want to highlight several major milestones for the SteelCentral APM suite in 2016. Over the last year, the SteelCentral has:

  • Enhanced the APM offering, SteelCentral AppInternals, to extract business impact insights and extend monitoring into container-based environments.
  • Launched a SaaS version of AppInternals that does not require installing a server within the datacenter. Users / Customers simply sign-up, deploy monitoring agents on and off the cloud, and can enjoy insights within minutes.
  • Added capabilities to monitor network traffic on and off the cloud, in the SaaS version of AppInternals. The product now delivers end-to-end monitoring—end-users, applications, servers and the network.
  • Acquired Aternity, a leader in device based APM and EUE Monitoring. The combination of Aternity, AppInternals and other SteelCentral components will be a vastly differentiated APM solution in the market in 2017!

The SteelCentral APM Renaissance started in 2014 with the goals to create a unified platform that is easy to deploy, use and manage in modern application environment. The journey is now complete with the redesign and close integration of the core APM components AppResponse, AppInternals and Portal:

  • SteelCentral APM is now being deployed in minutes to monitor cloud and on-premise environments with a single unified approach.
  • The platform offers comprehensive monitoring and diagnostics that span all layers of the application from the user device, through the wire and application logic, to the underlying data sources.
  • The user interface has a consistent look and feel and is accessible to new and experienced users alike.

Understanding the user journey is ever more important because of the ongoing digital transformation efforts. With Aternity joining the SteelCentral family our customers are gaining an unprecedented level of visibility of how users interact with applications at the user device.  This unique vantage point coupled with the SteelCentral APM’s ability to capture and analyze every user transaction enables the most comprehensive Digital Experience Monitoring platform in the APM market.

2016 was a pivotal year for SteelCentral APM but a lot more is in store for 2017 as we continue expanding the capabilities of the platform! I will call out a couple of important milestones:

Applications are increasingly more complex as they are designed to span across cloud and on-premise. Furthermore the underlying environments are more ephemeral with container and PaaS resources provisioned on demand. Because of the unique characteristics of next gen applications we introduced the Performance Graph which leverages big data analytics to identify and predict bottlenecks across the application environment. We will continue enhancing the Performance Graph with additional monitoring data, and will offer more insights to help diagnose a wider range of application performance problems. SteelCentral Aternity user device data will be integrated across the APM platform and enhance the cross-domain analytics.

We will look toward enhancing the DevOps experience and make performance data available throughout the toolchain. Our goal is to help customers make performance analysis integral to the dev-test-deploy cycle and improve the application quality and release cadence.


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