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The DevOps Welcome Kit

Peco Karayanev May 9, 2019
devopsdays. austin
Check out this cool pic of the DevOpsDays logo overlooking the field!

Last week at DevOpsDays Austin, held at the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on the University of Texas campus, the Austin DevOps community came together to share their thoughts and expertise on topics ranging from K8s and Cloud Native, to DDoS attacks and AI. As always, the conference featured a fantastic line up of sessions and keynotes, including A Special Word from Patrick Debois (the guy who coined the term DevOps back in 2009).

Although the technologies we talked about have changed over the years, the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie is still what makes this yearly gathering so great. If you missed it, videos will be posted in two weeks on the DevOpsDays Austin YouTube channel.

Now that the 8th DevOpsDays Austin is in the books, let’s talk about how you can refine your DevOps skills in the months awaiting the next DevOpsDays event near you.


The DevOps movement is thriving and there are a lot of things to learn

So where should you start?

First and foremost, DevOps is all about people working better together while wrangling process and technology to accomplish a mission. There is no better place to learn than joining the community and attending a DevOpsDays event. People are incredibly welcoming and there is so much to learn in the discussions among peers. Nearly every major metro area has a yearly DevOpsDays event that brings together several hundred people that want to share and learn. Check out and sign up for the next opportunity near you.

2019 is extra special as DevOpsDays turns 10 at the Ghent event.

This DevOps welcome kit includes some of my favorite go-to content to help you commence the journey.

Books that are DevOps bibles
devops books

Here are some great reads that illustrate the DevOps spirit and lore.

Gene Kim’s semi-fictional novel, The Phoenix Project, details the odyssey of an IT manager as he embarks on getting a critical project back on track the DevOps way focusing on Flow, Feedback and Continuous improvement.

The DevOps Handbook is a practical follow on to The Phoenix Project that illustrates how successful organizations have implemented DevOps practices to break the silos between the Business, Development, QA and Operations.

O’Reilly’s Site Reliability Engineering is a series of essays written by members and alumni of Google’s Site Reliability Engineering organization, published with the intent to share the best practices and mechanics of how Google reliably manages systems at scale.

Foundational online courses

Lastly, I highly recommend the DevOps Foundations video series published by Agile Admins: Ernest Mueller, Karthik Gaekwad and James Wickett, on LinkedIn Learning.

Riverbed table at DevOpsDays

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