Use Digital Experience Monitoring to Close Your IT Visibility Gap

Mike Marks June 26, 2017

IT executives are well aware of the importance of delivering an excellent digital experience to their customers. What they may not be aware of is how the IT monitoring visibility gap creates obstacles to a successful Digital Experience Management strategy.

IT-Monitoring-Visibility-Gap“What is the IT monitoring visibility gap?”

If you’re in IT, you’re more familiar with it than you think. Have you ever been surprised to receive a call from an end user complaining about a slow device or application? Your monitoring tools don’t show any problems, but your caller insists that they’re suffering from poor performance. THAT’S the IT monitoring visibility gap. It’s the gap between what your monitoring tools are telling you about the performance and availability of your data center components and what your users are actually experiencing.

Excellent customer experience–necessary, but not sufficient

Clearly, your business suffers if IT gets caught by surprise when customers are experiencing poor digital experience. Lost revenue. Poor customer satisfaction scores. Customer churn. Negative attention on social media.

But customers are not the only users whose digital experience matters. Excellent digital experience is critical for your partners, suppliers, and your own workforce. It can also be critical for your own career. Your business colleagues depend on you and your team to not only proactively identify and resolve problems affecting digital experience, but to avoid them altogether. If you’re getting surprised by complaints of poor service from your workforce, don’t be surprised if you if you receive weak internal satisfaction scores. Bad for your reputation. And your bonus.

The complexity of comprehensive Digital Experience Monitoring

Digital Experience Monitoring of all users

Ensuring an excellent digital experience for customers, partners, suppliers, and the workforce is easier said than done. It is difficult because of the IT monitoring visibility gap. You can’t accurately measure actual end user experience for all of your business critical apps from the perspective of the data center or IT infrastructure.

There are several methods of End User Experience Monitoring. Each has strengths and weaknesses. A combination of these methods is required if IT is to deliver outstanding digital experience to every category of user and for every business critical app.

Integrated Digital Experience Monitoring with SteelCentral

Last year, Riverbed acquired Aternity to add device-based End-User Experience Monitoring to the SteelCentral portfolio. SteelCentral now provides multiple, integrated methods of Digital Experience Monitoring. Other products in the portfolio cover the other methods. AppResponse does Real User Monitoring. NetIM does synthetic monitoring. AppInternals does JavaScript injection.

The product names aren’t so important. With the latest SteelCentral releaseRiverbed has delivered a single, unified approach to Digital Experience Monitoring. This video shows how SteelCentral can help you bridge the IT monitoring visibility gap.

Proactive identification and faster problem resolution

This release integrates Aternity end-user experience data directly into the SteelCentral Portal, so IT and business executives can get an immediate view of how their digital services are affecting end users. Rather than wait for users to complain, IT gets proactive notification of problems impacting the digital experience of any user—customer, partner, supplier, or employee. This helps you eliminate surprise user complaints.

This release also helps IT resolve user issues faster. It integrates Aternity End-User Experience Monitoring Experience Monitoring and AppInternals Application Performance Monitoring. No other APM vendor enables IT to drill down from an individual’s actual end user experience BOTH to the metrics on the user’s device AND to the application transaction. Even down to the line of code. Your Service Desk can quickly identify whether the problems is a device issue to be handled by Desktop Services or an app problem to be handled by the app team.

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