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Why Visibility Is Essential to Retailer’s Vision for Customer Experience

Charbel Khneisser November 27, 2018

Open Retail Customer ExperienceThe days of retailers earning the lifelong loyalty of a consumer are over. Every single customer touchpoint now has to deliver the highest quality of service—if not, customers will vote with their feet.

This was proven by PwC’s recent study into the future of customer experience, which uncovered that almost 50% of customers globally would even stop interacting with a brand they love, after several bad experiences. For retailers, this makes it essential that they have complete visibility over the shopping experience, especially where they are falling short of expectations.

With organisations in the sector investing so much in digital transformation projects, meeting these expectations relies on closely monitoring the performance of the technology, from end-user devices to the applications in use, and the network itself. If brands do not have this insight, they cannot identify and remedy issues that will affect the customer experience. Instead, they will be relying on customers to flag such issues—by then it could be too late.

Keeping high visibility front of shop

A good example of a company that has put itself on the front foot in this sense is, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Turkey. As Alper Umit Yilmaz, IT Operations Director at says,

“The digital experience of the customer is critical in e-commerce. The acceptable page load time is less than two seconds, so the faster the page loads, the higher your sales conversion. We cannot slip on this. If there is a problem, we need to know about it; and to fix the problem, we need to understand it.”

The site runs more than 600 virtual machines and nearly 50 applications, processing 20,000 concurrent users at any given moment. Today, 7Gbps of’s data is running through Riverbed SteelCentral, with every piece captured and analyzed. Spotting and addressing issues quickly keeps ahead of its performance SLAs.

How to stay a step ahead

Riverbed’s unique approach to Application Performance Monitoring (APM) gives complete insight into any app, at any scale. Yilmaz states, “We now have the insight that enables us to be more proactive and confident in the performance of our digital services.” In an increasingly demanding and competitive retail landscape, this insight is key to success. Without it, retailers will always be a step behind their customers.

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