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Visit Aternity at Velocity: Deliver Superior App Experiences

Riverbed Technology June 6, 2017

Gartner estimates that by 2020 at least 30 billion end-user devices will be connected to the Internet with users and businesses communicating and transacting with each other. In this world of ever expanding digital business, ensuring a reliable and high quality digital experience for all customers, partners and employees is one of the most critical business outcomes for any company.

To not invest in digital transformation initiatives would mean missing the boat and losing to industry peers that are actively leveraging technology to engage with users and to unlock new market opportunities. These transformation initiatives come with their own set of challenges.

Increasing complexity

Applications today are accessed by users and employees across the globe via multiple types of devices, around the clock. To ensure that apps stay resilient and use resources effectively, IT has adopted complex architectures and distributed environments that are well suited for the job, but exponentially increase complexity. As a result, maintaining these applications or resolving problems when they happen, has been very hard.

Need for collaboration

To ensure competitive differentiation, organizations need to adopt a mindset of continuous innovation and provide application experiences that keep users loyal. To do so requires alignment across all the participating teams—the line of business or app owners that define requirements, the development and QA teams that build and test new features, and the operations teams that deploy these features and manage productions environments. With this alignment comes a shared understanding of business objectives and responsibilities. Together, they should be able to provide frequent updates based on user need, and ensure 24/7 reliability.

The challenge

How does the line of business take a data-driven approach to understanding which features to add or take away? How does the development / QA teams know whether their code updates will stand the stress of real world conditions? How does the operations teams frequently update production systems while ensuring that service is reliably fast and uninterrupted?

Riverbed can help: visit us at Velocity

Riverbed can help you build and deliver high-performing Come visit Riverbed in booth 912 at Velocity in San Jose on June 21-22applications. SteelCentral monitors end-user devices, applications, networks and infrastructure to provide a insights on an application’s user experience and its performance across the application lifecycle. SteelConnect helps manage and secure the hybrid networks that these applications run on, and accelerate their delivery to end user devices.

Visit us in Booth 912 at the Velocity conference in San Jose on June 21 and 22 to see them in action!

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