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Visit Aternity at Velocity: Deliver APM at the Scale of Business

Amena Siddiqi May 21, 2018

Companies are making it their top priority to adopt a full mix of digital technologies—from cloud and mobile apps to microservices and containerized architectures—to enable more agility, innovation and end user focus than ever before. According to Gartner, 42% of CEOs say “Digital First” or “Digital to the Core” is now their company digital business posture.

Ensuring a reliable and high quality digital experience for all customers, partners and employees is one of the most critical business outcomes for any company.

Increasing complexity

As DevOps becomes mainstream, it is driving the need for greater IT efficiency, agility and collaboration. Organizations with a DevOps practice are leading the charge with adoption of cloud-based container and microservices architectures. To fully comprehend the mega multi-tier nature of today’s apps, consider that for large enterprise applications, a single web operation can touch over a thousand nodes on the back end.

Consider these recent statistics:

  • The average enterprise can trace 45% of all traffic on its network to external, public cloud applications, such as from SaaS and IaaS services. (EMA)
  • 70% of companies are running “hybrid” transactions spanning on-premises and public cloud. (EMA)
  • Nearly 60% of organizations running 500 or more hosts are classified as Docker dabblers or adopters. 40% of these are also using container or application orchestration platforms. (Datadog)
  • A full 86% of respondents expect microservices to be the default architecture within five years. (Lightstep)

Need for a big data approach

As applications grow in size and complexity, so does the size of the monitoring data. Patchy, sampled and incomplete data sets have become the norm for application performance monitoring (APM) solutions that increasingly trade data quality for scalability. However, this does not have to be the case. Big data approaches for transfer, storage, and visualization can be successfully applied to solve the issue of data sets that are “too large to handle.”

The challenge

How does the line of business take a data-driven approach to understanding which features to add or take away? How does the development / QA teams know which code fixes will have the most impact on the bottom-line? How does the operations team support frequent updates to production systems while ensuring that service is reliably fast and uninterrupted?

Riverbed can help: visit us at Velocity

Riverbed SteelCentral provides the first unified End User Experience Management (EUEM) and Application Performance Management solution that monitors the digital experience of every type of app in the enterprise portfolio from the point of consumption, maintains the highest level of data quality at any scale, and upgrades APM to a big data practice. SteelCentral APM blends end user experience, application, and infrastructure monitoring to provide end-to-end visibility into the users’ digital experience and ensures the reliability of business-critical applications, on and off the cloud.

Visit us in Booth 313 at the Velocity conference in San Jose on June 13 and 14 to see our products in action!

Don’t miss our breakout session!

Riverbed Chief Scientist, Jon Hodgson, will be presenting a thought-provoking session on how concepts in digital signal processing can be applied to the fidelity of performance monitoring data. The talk will be on Thursday, Jun 14 at 1:15pm, Room LL20 C, and is titled “The Sound of Performance Monitoring Data.”

Here’s Jon presenting at Velocity a few years ago:

See you at the show!


P.S. You can register with discount code Riverbed25 for 25% off the cost of a Gold, Silver, or Bronze pass.

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