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Webinar: Four Dimensions of Performance Management Excellence for the Digital Era

Riverbed Technology June 28, 2017

Digital transformation is happening now, and it’s happening in a big way. Digital economy requires holistic performance managementAs of today, two-thirds of enterprises are already investing in digital initiatives[1]. And by 2020, the B2B digital commerce market will be $1.13 trillion in the United States alone[2].

Needless to say, the stakes are high, and ensuring a consistent, superior digital experience will be mission-critical. Consider this: a one-second slowdown can cost an e-Commerce giant like Amazon $1.6 billion in sales annually[3].

When the milliseconds count, you need a sophisticated way of managing digital services and the apps, networks, and other components of your IT infrastructure that power them. That’s why advanced, holistic performance management practices are business imperatives of the digital age.

Drive digital business outcomes with performance management expertise

But just what behaviors and characteristics contribute to performance management success, you ask? We have all the answers for you in our on-demand webinar with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Tune in as we discuss some research we recently conducted on performance management practices, including a data-driven maturity model that provides guidance to organizations that are looking to assess and improve their standings.

We’ll also cover the business outcomes achieved through performance management excellence, including:

  • Experiencing far fewer outages: As we demonstrated Performance Experts Are Competitive Differentiatorsabove, encountering fewer issues is paramount
    in the digital age, where slow is the new down. Explore how to keep these unexpected slowdowns to a minimum.
  • Resolving problems faster: Application environments are complex today, so problems will still inevitably arise. But when they do, see how advanced teams solve them 4x faster.
  • Developing apps faster: The need for speed not only applies to app performance, but also the windows in which those apps are developed and deployed. Performance management excellence keeps you ahead of schedule.
  • Demonstrating business impact: Need to justify performance management practices to other stakeholders? See how those with the most advanced practices not only demonstrate financial impact, but also are perceived as competitive differentiators by the lines of business.

Last, but certainly not least, Riverbed CIO Rich Hillebrecht joins us to share some thought-provoking insights into Riverbed’s own journey toward developing a performance management center of excellence.

 In summary, what will you learn?

  • The four dimensions of performance management maturity
  • What business outcomes can be achieved through advanced practices
  • CIO-level insights on Riverbed’s own cultural transformation
  • Quick steps you can take to assess your organization and receive actionable recommendations for improvement

View this on-demand webinar today!


[1] Gartner 2016 CIO Survey
[2] Forrester, “The State of Digital Business, 2015 to 2020”
[3] Fast Company, “How One Second Could Cost Amazon $1.6 Billion in Sales”

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