As web app development continues to shift towards delivering richer and more interactive user experiences, frequently supported by rich content, third-party objects and complex client frameworks like React or Angular, greater front-end monitoring visibility is also needed to manage this growing complexity.

Blue Triangle’s deep front-end visibility and user journey analytics complement Aternity’s comprehensive end-to-end transaction flow mapping through the application back end. The fully integrated, joint solution offers unprecedented depth and completeness for web performance analytics that helps our customers understand how complex web apps perform and how that impacts the business.


Solution Benefits

Optimize the User Journey to Ensure Maximum Profitability

The joint solution delivers:

  • Dynamic path analysis of the user journey with real-time insight into users, conversions, revenue, etc.
  • Drill down into back-end bottlenecks for quick diagnosis and remediation
  • Detailed insight into the web performance of SaaS apps
  • Comprehensive visibility into third party tags and content


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