How to Continuously Improve the Employee Digital Experience

    The digital experience is now the primary way employees interact with their employers. The COVID-19 pandemic drastically accelerated the growing remote work trend and it is unlikely entire workforces will return to the office when the pandemic is over. This shift has placed more pressure than ever on enterprise IT teams to deliver a positive digital experience to employees. However, many IT teams struggle to define and execute an action plan that improves employee experiences. In fact, Forrester Research reported that 29% of information workers are unsatisfied with how their devices and connections enable them to perform their work.

    In the following pages, you’ll learn how to apply one of project management’s leading improvement models, the Deming Cycle, to continuously improve your employee digital experience by:

    • Prioritizing Your Improvements
    • Identifying What to Improve to Achieve Your Goals
    • Reporting Your Improvements

    How to Continuously Improve the Employee Digital Experience
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