Application Performance

    As employees adjust to the dynamic of working from home (WFH) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve changed their working hours to balance home and work responsibilities.

    WFH employees spend more hours in front of their computers than those who still work in the office. But as they juggle the array of collaboration apps and business-critical apps necessary to do their jobs, their productivity depends on application performance. To maintain business continuity, IT teams must ensure these remotely accessed applications deliver an excellent employee experience.

    Read this paper to see how the performance of business applications has changed in the move to WFH, highlighting the impact on different industries and countries.

    • Which applications are the fastest within their categories?
    • Which applications work better in the home or in the office?
    • How does application performance vary around the world?

    The Global Remote Work Productivity Tracker is a series tracking critical technology trends impacting employee experience and productivity in the shift to to remote work. The findings from the reports are based on data aggregated from millions of employee devices from over hundreds of global companies being managed via the Aternity Digital Experience Management Platform, an enterprise SaaS solution.

    The Remote Work Productivity Tracker, Volume 3
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