In a work-from-everywhere world, end user device manageability and visibility are key. IT teams have also had to adjust — transitioning workers to new machines and managing day-to-day operations remotely presents new challenges. Monitoring thousands of apps and endpoints on which companies run will continue to be vital, and traditional methods of monitoring have proven to be insufficient.
  • Ensure device performance supports employee productivity, whether at home or in the office
  • Isolate the source of user complaints to device, wireless connectivity, or application
  • Proactively identify and resolve end user issues, before they call to complain
  • Free up time for service desk support by reducing ticket volume and duration
  • Aternity Digital Experience Management platform
  • Increases visibility into factors affecting device reliability
  • Collect detailed user experience information to better understand causes of frustration
  • Evaluate machine and app performance through the collection of application and platform resources
  • Get a closer look at the connectivity of the device fleet, including Wi-Fi and VPN usage data
“The experience of the entire Intel workforce is affected by device performance. Getting a holistic view of that is key. This is the value of Aternity — bringing all that data together from different devices and sources into a single pane of glass. It makes that data actionable, helping us deliver better service to a demanding employee base.”
Julian Braham Principal Engineer, Intel IT
Challenges: The modern workforce is remote – a complex environment

Keeping track of user experience for a work-from-everywhere fleet can be complicated. Users now operate not only from disparate locations, but on a variety of systems — with some working on home Wi-Fi networks, VPNs, and on laptop PCs instead of (traditionally more powerful) desktop machines. These variables make it difficult for IT to understand the origins of whether an issue is related to an application, a device, or wireless connectivity.

Solution: A simplified view

Aternity’s Digital Experience Management (DEM) platform provides a “single pane of glass” view that gives IT departments broader insights into and across the device fleet. This view brings together detailed data on Wi-Fi usage, battery life, and user frustration, enabling digital workplace services teams to optimize the delivery of employee devices and applications. Aternity’s DEM platform is now available to Intel enterprise customers.

After a two-week preparation phase, Intel IT deployed Aternity Digital Experience Management on 10,000 employee devices in under a week. Deploying the software happens the same way as deploying a patch or fix into the environment on all types of company devices. The steps were relatively simple: Aternity made the DEM platform available, and Intel IT packaged and deployed the agent, which then automatically connected with Intel IT’s Aternity tenant.

Benefits: Enable IT and empower employees with deeper insights

Intel IT found four key factors in the environment to measure and understand the health of end user devices: Reliability, User Frustration, Performance, and Connectivity. Aternity DEM helped them better understand these factors from a user perspective.


With Aternity, Intel IT could identify and measure the health of user systems — seeing what applications are crashing and how many blue screens or system crashes are happening. All of this reliability data is brought together in one central dashboard, letting IT teams dive deeper into more detailed data without deploying additional monitors.

User frustration

Collect detailed user experience information to better understand causes of frustration. Gain insight beyond basic metrics like boot time, hibernation time, sleep time, or wireless network connection time. After implementing Aternity, Intel IT better understood what their users were experiencing. For example, data showed that users were accessing data and documents directly on the cloud, rather than accessing them from the local cache stored on their machine.


Evaluate machine and app performance through the collection of application and platform resources. Right out of the box, Aternity provides a wealth of device performance and health information, with no configuration required. This data can help IT teams understand how a given application is utilizing CPU, memory, disk I/O, and more.


Get a closer look at the connectivity of the device fleet, including Wi-Fi and VPN usage data. In one instance, Intel IT used Aternity DEM data to quickly identify a service provider outage and fix the issue before it impacted the broader population.

Next steps: Insights that lead to real business impact

These deep insights, made possible by Aternity DEM data, pave the way for more uptime, productivity, and cost savings. Besides leading to these broader business effects, Aternity DEM helps IT teams resolve issues predictively and proactively, ultimately leading to increased employee happiness. Removing friction and preventing problems from spreading unlocks a large variety of benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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