Customer Agreements and Terms for Aternity Products and Services

Aternity products and services are governed by the following terms and conditions. If Customer has not purchased or licensed a particular product or service, then any terms below that are specific to that product or service do not apply to Customer until Customer purchases or licenses such product or service.

1. Products

Cloud Services
SaaSAternity Saas Essentials
Aternity Saas Enterprise
Cloud Terms of Service
Hosted SolutionsAternity Subscription Essentials + Hosting
Aternity Subscription Enterprise + Hosting
Aternity Perpetual Enterprise + Hosting
Cloud Terms of Service
On Prem Software
Aternity Subscription Essentials
Aternity Subscription Enterprise
APM On Premise (AppInternals)
Aternity Perpetual Enterprise
APM On Premise Perpetual (AppInternals)
Software License Agreement

2. Evaluation Products. Aternity’s Evaluation Agreement applies to any Aternity products made available by Aternity on an evaluation basis.

3. Support. Aternity’s then-current generally available maintenance and support services are subject to the terms and conditions available at

4. Professional Services. Professional Services are subject to the terms and conditions available at