Ensure successful IT transformation with visibility into end user experience that helps you benchmark against the market, meet business requirements, and drive down opex and capex.

Transform the business

Seize competitive advantage through innovation.

Invest for the biggest pay-off

Target investments to where they're needed most.

Prove IT's value

Show the business impact of IT.

How Aternity Solves These Challenges

Benchmark your IT shop against the market

See how the digital experience your organization provides compares to others in the market.

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Justify IT investments

Quantify the impact of application and device performance on the critical business processes executed by the workforce.

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Drive continuous improvement

Get fact-based insight into how upgrades to applications, devices, or infrastructure impact end user experience.

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Reduce IT asset costs

Reduce device refresh costs by correlating device performance to actual end user experience. Lower software license renewals by tracking actual usage.

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By pinpointing the reasons behind slow SaaS-delivered EHR app logins, Aternity helped us save 70 minutes a day for patient care. That's 303 hours a year—for the listening and caring we’re known for.

Robert Dulak Chief Information Officer, Lighthouse Guild Read Now
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