Boost Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

When it comes to monitoring how apps perform for your employees, other technologies only extrapolate, emulate, or estimate what users see. With Aternity End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM), you see exactly what your end users see on their screen, no matter what type of app or device they’re using.

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  • Benchmark your IT service. See how your organization’s device health and user experience compares to industry standards.
  • Access our Remote Workforce dashboard library to ensure excellent employee experience, app and device performance for your remote employees.
  • Analyze app performance, for every type of app, even Shadow IT. See which applications are delivering the best user experience on your monitored devices.
  • Shift left in the Service Desk. Get the relevant user and device information your Level 1 support team needs to identify and resolve issues quickly, improve service and reduce costs.

Monitor and Optimize Application Performance

Aternity Application Performance Monitoring (APM) delivers the most complete distributed tracing in the industry, with scalable, high definition performance monitoring that easy to use and deploy, and unifies visibility across end users, infrastructure, and the cloud-native ecosystem.

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  • Understand app dependencies. Trace and map every user transaction across 1000s of dynamic and distributed components.
  • Simplify cloud-native APM. Automatically discover applications, containers, and their relationships.
  • Never miss a performance problem. Get immediate insight into even infrequent or intermittent issues for troubleshooting even the toughest performance problems.