Streamlining workforce productivity and customer service requires ensuring excellent performance of the dozens of business-critical apps on which your business relies. CRM, POS, EHR, ERP, collaboration. The list goes on. Optimizing app and device performance to improve end user experience helps you succeed in the face of ever-increasing competition and customer demand.


Measure what matters to the business.

Achieve business goals

Document compliance to business targets.

Manage variation

Numerous factors affect IT performance.

How Aternity Solves These Challenges

Baseline “click to render” time

Monitor users’ interactions with applications in the context of a business workflow, to set thresholds for the time required to look up a patient record, execute a trade, etc.

Deliver better service through XLAs

Track compliance of business critical apps to performance thresholds based on business processes.

Correlate app performance to device resources and user location

Identify trends in how app performance varies by geographic location, user department, or device resources.

Validate changes

Get fact-based insights on how upgrades to applications, devices, or infrastructure impact end user experience.

Solution Brief

Aternity for Benchmarking Employee Experience
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White Paper

Did IT Work? A Playbook for Mastering IT Change with EUEM
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Improve Workforce Productivity and Customer Service
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Aternity for Office 365: Addressing 3 Key Digital Experience Challenges
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By pinpointing the reasons behind slow SaaS-delivered EHR app logins, Aternity helped us save 70 minutes a day for patient care. That's 303 hours a year—for the listening and caring we’re known for.

Robert Dulak Chief Information Officer, Lighthouse Guild Read Now

We have insights into the performance of our applications that we never had before. This is incredibly valuable, because it can improve our users’ productivity, and remove problems for customers in branches that can directly impact revenue.

Terence Thomas Monitoring Specialist, Travis Perkins plc Read Now
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