Best Practices in Digital Experience Management

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    Enabling customers to address the challenges of the digital workplace

    DX Academy provides customer enablement on Digital Experience Management best practices, tailored to the needs of technical and business stakeholders focused on delivering excellent digital experience to employees and customers.

    DX Academy is available to Aternity customers, which provides a flexible set of self-paced learning paths, as well as by Aternity DEM InstructorLed Training (ILT) and Single Course.



    Flexible Enablement for Delivering the Best Employee and Customer Experiences

    Flexible Learning Paths Aligned to Specific Business Objectives

    Because different organizations are at different stages of experience with DEM, the Aternity DEM Journey offers learning paths aligned to specific business objectives and Aternity product editions.

    Industry-tested DEM Best Practices

    DX Academy goes beyond just technical product training to show how to apply DEM capabilities to achieve specific business outcomes.

    Leading-edge Enablement Techniques

    DX Academy incorporates several leading-edge enablement techniques to deliver best-in-class Digital Experience Management training. Its self-paced training program increases engagement, with more dynamic content, such as interactive presentations, hands-on labs, shortform video, and real-life use cases.

    DX Academy structures its courses in short training modules that are easy to consume in 5 to 20 minutes.

    Customers Trust Aternity

    "The experience of the entire Intel workforce is affected by device performance. Getting a holistic view of that is key. This is the value of Aternity — bringing all that data together from different devices and sources into a single pane of glass. It makes that data actionable, helping us deliver better service to a demanding employee base."

    Julian Braham, Principal Engineer,
    Intel IT

    "Aternity gives us a circle of development that helps us to be responsive, pushes us to be proactive, positions us to be predictive, which then allows us to be pre-emptive. This is a result of having one solution that provides us with a complete view across networks, applications and end users. This technology will also be a strong backbone for the digital initiatives of other brands in Maersk Group whom we in MGIS support."

    Andy Laurence, Head of Production Services,
    Maersk Group

    "Aternity gathers the information and presents it in a format that is easy to understand. We might have known there was an issue but now we have the data to back it up. Aternity adds metrics to perception."

    Ross Jeremy, Modern Workplace Team Lead,
    Simmons & Simmons

    "What we particularly liked with Aternity was the ease in which we could analyze and correlate data. Aternity makes this insight easily available to a broader audience in a format that is scalable and sharable with our internal stakeholders."

    Joost Smit, Digital Workplace Solution Architect and Engineer,
    Swiss Re

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