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When it comes to monitoring how apps perform for your users, other technologies only extrapolate, emulate, or estimate what users see. With the Aternity Digital Experience Management platform, you see exactly what your end users see on their screen, no matter what type of app or device they’re using. Isolate the cause of delays to the network, device, or app backend to quickly diagnose and resolve user-impacting issues. Track usage and experience over time to continually improve performance while streamlining investments. With Aternity, you’ll boost customer satisfaction and optimize the productivity of your tech-dependent workforce.

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Aternity, End User Experience Monitoring, Digital Experience Monitoring, Automatic Discovery, UXI, Actual Usage


Automatic Discovery

Aternity automatically discovers EVERY app in your enterprise, tracks actual usage, and provides a score for app performance and health, based on crashes, hangs, errors, page load time and wait time.

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Aternity tracks what users ACTUALLY see when they interact with applications in a business workflow. Aternity shows you response time breakdown between client device, network, and application back end, so you can resolve issues fast.

Change Validation

Compare end user experience before and after any type of change – to devices, applications, or infrastructure, so you can be sure that changes result in better service.

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Create, modify, and expand your Aternity library of automation scripts to automatically resolve the most common device or user issues.

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See How Aternity Can Help You

Hold Cloud Vendors Accountable

Your IT Vendor’s SLA Won’t Protect Your Business
The SLAs from SaaS, cloud providers, and IT outsourcers are insufficient to guarantee excellent end user experience. Use Aternity to hold them accountable to performance as seen by your end users.

Digital Workplace

Seamless IT Service Delivery requires seamless End User Experience Monitoring.
A Digital Workplace provides your workforce with secure, anytime access to business critical apps and data. Aternity helps you ensure an excellent end user experience for any app on any device.

Troubleshoot End User Issues Quickly

Speed Up Resolution Time by Reducing Finger-pointing
Finger-pointing among siloed IT teams delays restoring service. You not only have to isolate the cause of the problem, you need to determine its scope and impact. Aternity gives you 1-click answers so you can resolve issues quickly.

Aternity, End User Experience Monitoring, Digital Experience Monitoring, Automatic Discovery, UXI, Actual Usage


We can now be more proactive because we don’t have as many fires to put out. With Aternity we’re monitoring the heartbeat of the business; if there is an issue we’re often ahead of it.

Ross Jeremy Modern Workplace Team Lead, Simmons and Simmons Read Now

Yes, I'd recommend Aternity. Aternity is an excellent product to monitor true end user experience. It doesn't matter where the application resides, in the data center or cloud. It helps us quickly see the impact of performance issues and show where the issue is, in the client, network or server side.

IT Specialist Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company Read Now

Device performance, Software performance, Application performance, aggregating and journeys via portal to enable business process monitoring. Asset management.

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What we particularly liked with Aternity was the ease in which we could analyze and correlate data. Aternity makes this insight easily available to a broader audience in a format that is scalable and sharable with our internal stakeholders.

Joost Smit Digital Workplace Solution Architect and Engineer, Swiss Re Read Now

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