Avoid excessive costs involved in replacing devices on a time-based schedule or renewing software licenses without considering actual user experience or usage.

Changing environment

Complex range of technologies to manage.

Control costs

Target device and app expenditures to where they're really needed.

Fit for purpose

Deliver device and app performance to meet business needs.

How Aternity Solves These Challenges

Automatic discovery

Discover and track all changes to the inventory of desktop IT hardware and software assets, including vendor and version.

Smart device refresh

Correlate actual user experience to device health and performance to determine whether devices need replacement, upgrade, or no action at all.

Targeted software license renewal

Renew licenses only for actively used apps, including desktop software, SaaS and Shadow IT apps, by analyzing metrics such as the number of times used, total usage duration and last time used.

Solution Brief

Aternity for IT Asset Cost Reduction
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Did IT Work? A Playbook for Mastering IT Change with EUEM
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Improve Workforce Productivity and Customer Service
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