Take on the most relevant IT change initiatives based on potential impact to the business, then make sure they deliver the expected improvements.

Invest for the biggest pay-off

Target investments to where they're needed most.

Hold the schedule

Avoid project overruns.

Deliver on expectations

Poor perception can lead to project delays.

How Aternity Solves These Challenges

Prioritize based on business impact

Establish a baseline of business performance in order to define the potential improvement to be delivered by the change initiative.

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First time right

Pilot and test prior to full scale deployment, to identify and resolve any incompatibilities, performance degradation or stability issues.

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Track adoption

Analyze trends in app adoption across the enterprise to track the effectiveness of key strategic initiatives.

Validate and communicate success

Drive adoption by comparing end user experience before and after the change to show improvements in service.

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Did IT Work? A Playbook for Mastering IT Change with EUEM
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Validate the Impact of IT Change on End-user Experience
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Hold Cloud Vendors Accountable
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