Your SaaS provider's SLA won't actually protect your business. Commitments on infrastructure uptime, incident response time and penalties are insufficient to guarantee excellent end user experience. Monitoring the performance of SaaS-delivered apps from the user's device enables you to ensure your SaaS apps meet the needs of your business.

Accountability without control

IT is responsible for the performance of apps they don’t control.

Achieve business goals

Ensure SaaS-delivered apps meet the needs of the business.

Keep pace with change

Frequent changes in applications, infrastructure, or network can impact service quality.

How Aternity Solves These Challenges

Ensure better service with an XLA

Augment the overall availability metrics in your SaaS vendor’s SLA with an Experience Level Agreement (XLA) that reflects actual end user experience as SaaS-delivered apps render on users’ devices.

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Reduce finger-pointing

Speed problem resolution by isolating application performance problems to the user’s device, the network, or the SaaS vendor’s back-end.

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Validate the impact of change

Compare performance before and after your vendor makes app and infrastructure changes to ensure they result in better service.

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Track adoption

Analyze trends in SaaS usage across the enterprise to ensure adoption goals are met.


Hold SaaS Vendors Accountable
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Monitor ACTUAL End User Experience to Augment Your Cloud Provider’s SLA
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