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Real Customers, Real Results: Winning with Aternity

are likely to recommend Aternity. Why?

Rapid time to value

Start driving better IT performance and results, fast - three quarters of Aternity users surveyed report seeing a return on their investment inside a year.




Received measurable ROI within 12 months



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Save time and money

Drive greater operational efficiencies to help end users get more done, and speed up Mean Time to Repair of IT issues.

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divider image divider image Customers reduced MTTR by 24%, which translates to a savings of more than 3 hours.
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were able to validate the impact of IT change on end user experience

Understand IT change

Don’t gamble with guessing how IT change will impact your business. Gain deep insight and greater understanding with Aternity.

Deliver value across your organization

Start driving better IT performance and results, fast - three quarters of Aternity users surveyed report seeing a return on their investment inside a year.

Teams using Aternity data
Performance Monitoring
Application Teams (App Owners, App Support, etc.)
Desktop Services
IT Operations Teams
Service Desk, Help Desk, L1 Support
IT Executives
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of customers use Aternity to improve application performance.

Consistently fast application performance

Your digital business depends on excellent application performance. Delight your customers and employees with Aternity.


Thanks to Aternity, we are able to support two major processes: qualification of applications during the development phase as well as content visibility of services and business applications.

Jean-Noël Simonnet Chief Infrastructure Architect, Michelin

A consumer to consumer retailer improved their call center application performance by 34%.

Contact Center On-line Retailer

We’re no longer flying blind. The time to identify and remediate application issues went down exponentially.

Eric McCraw Web IT Manager, National Instruments

A financial services company saved $20M in total cost of ownership by identifying and decommissioning thousands of virtual desktops that were under-used or not used at all.

End User Computing Financial Services

A global bank achieved a ~$10M annual cost avoidance identifying that 45% of the devices in their estate did NOT need to be replaced.

Director, Desktop Services Global financial services

"With Aternity our managers and engineers can view application performance data at any level—from big picture customer-experience metrics all the way down to method-level detail for every single transaction. We’re not just shown a pile of data that’s tough to make sense from, but actionable intelligence.”

Performance Consultant Fortune 100 Technology Company

The retail banking division of a global financial services company, which was rolling out tablets for use in their full service branches, reduced service impacting errors on their mobile teller app by 87% by identifying and fixing an incorrect proxy configuration impacting the routing.

Retail Branch Banking Global Financial Services Company

Do the Math: Aternity Savings

If you have employees, Aternity could save your company in one year