The New KPIs to Manage the Remote Work Experience

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The New KPIs to Manage the Remote Work Experience


The paradigm shift to remote work is uncharted territory for many global enterprises. Managing this shift is not just an IT issue – it’s a business issue.

The Aternity team has been working with our customers to track new KPIs and address key remote workforce questions like:

  • To what extent is our workforce complying with work from home directives?
  • What is the user experience when accessing business critical apps from home?
  • Which employees are connecting via VPN and is application or device performance impacted when they do?

If you’re wrestling with questions like these, you’re not alone. In this session, we’ll provide an in-depth look at how Aternity’s global customers are mobilizing and managing the employee experience of their workforce TODAY to ensure performance and productivity.

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There has been a real requirement for an architected solution that gives us the visibility and transparency we need to target where we have weak points in our infrastructure and remediate them accordingly and swiftly.

Andy Laurence Head of Production Services, Maersk Group Read Now

We’re no longer flying blind. The time to identify and remediate application issues went down exponentially.

Eric McCraw National Instruments, Web IT Manager Read Now

We have insights into the performance of our applications that we never had before. This is incredibly valuable, because it can improve our users’ productivity, and remove problems for customers in branches that can directly impact revenue.

Terence Thomas Monitoring Specialist, Travis Perkins plc Read Now