Aternity provides real-time end-user experience and application performance data to ServiceNow consoles that enables IT to improve incident and problem management. This bi-directional integration enables you to dramatically reduce mean time to repair, stop incidents from happening in the first place, and improve first contact and first level resolution rates.

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Solution Benefits

Reduce mean time to detect

Aternity triggers a service desk alert when the same application, hardware, or system problem occurs within a specified period of time. These alerts automatically generate incidents in ServiceNow, enabling your Service Desk team to proactively act on them, before users call to complain.

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Speed up mean time to repair

The ServiceNow incident is populated with all of the detailed Aternity information on application component or device parameters and user profile. In order to identify and resolve the issue, the Service Desk technician can launch the relevant Aternity dashboard to drill down into the details of the device.

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Aternity and ServiceNow Integration Raises Service Desk Efficiency and Quality
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Aternity and ServiceNow – Driving up Service Desk Efficiency and Quality
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