Aternity Incident Integration provides real-time end-user experience and application performance data to ServiceNow, enabling IT to improve incident and problem management. This bi-directional integration enables you to dramatically reduce mean time to repair, improve first contact and first level resolution rates, and ultimately reduce costs per ticket.



Solution Benefits

Reduce Mean Time to Detect

Aternity triggers a service desk alert when the same application, hardware, or system problem occurs within a specified period of time. These alerts can automatically generate incidents in ServiceNow, enabling your Service Desk team to proactively act on them before users call to complain.

Speed Up MTTR and First Call Resolution

Agents will see incident and device information in the ServiceNow console without the need for manual entry by the agent or end user. For the next step in troubleshooting, more details are available in the Device Overview and Device Events tabs.



Incident Automation

Incidents can be automatically created in ServiceNow via Aternity’s configurable Service Desk Alerts. Each incident is populated with detailed information from Aternity on software, component/device parameters, and user profile.

Device Overview

View important device attributes including location, memory, free disk space, BIOS version, and OS version. The layout is customizable so you can show the categories and attributes that are most important to your team.

Device Events

View recent health events and software changes that may have impacted the device in question before drilling down to the relevant Aternity dashboards. A visual timeline makes it easy to visualize and correlate health events and software changes.


Aternity and ServiceNow Integration Raises Service Desk Efficiency and Quality
Aternity and ServiceNow Driving up Service Desk Efficiency and Quality
Aternity Digital Experience Management Solution Brief

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