Employee Experience Benchmarking

The Aternity Digital Experience Management Quadrant (DEM-QTM), a premium capability of the Aternity Digital Experience Management Platform, enables companies to compare their employee digital experience to that of hundreds of companies and milliions of devices managed by Aternity SaaS. Customers can select and filter DEM-Q data by industry, company size, or geography, and get insights into improvement areas with the highest potential impact.

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IT plays a central role in helping your company compete. Insight into how your IT service compares to the market is key to investing in the right areas to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Compete on service

Differentiate based on sevice quality.

Invest for the biggest pay-off

Target investments to where they're needed most.

Delight customers

Keep up with ever-increasing expectations.

How Aternity Solves These Challenges

Benchmark user experience

Track your service levels vs the market, by company, industry size, or location.

Track device reliablity

Compare the performance and reliability of your device estate against others.

Understand where IT investment is needed most

Analyze IT performance relative to business-driven thresholds by department or geography.

Replicate success

Identify best practices in app usage, performance, and device configuration to maximize productivity and customer service.



Benchmarking Employee Experience with the Aternity Digital Experience Management Platform (DEM-Q)

Measuring digital employee experience is critical for identifying investment and cost saving areas, but analyzing it internally is just the start. The Aternity Digital Experience Management Quadrant (DEM-Q™) enables companies to benchmark their digital employee experience against hundreds of companies and millions of devices managed by the Aternity SaaS Digital Experience Management Platform.

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Solution Brief

Aternity for Benchmarking Employee Experience

Benchmark your company's employee digital experience against hundreds of other companies managed by Aternity SaaS

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Better Service through Experience Level Agreements (XLAs)

Establish targets and measure compliance to XLAs - based users’ experience with applications in the context of a business process

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White Paper

Quantifying the Business Value of Aternity End-User Experience Monitoring

An approach to quantifying the benefits of reducing ticket volume and Mean Time to Repair

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