Better Service and Reduced
Costs Through Automation

Integrate Aternity’s unique digital experience insights and AI-driven remediation via REST API with leading chatbot technologies from Microsoft, Google, Slack and others to provide consistent, immediate service to end users, improve service desk KPIs and reduce the workload on your IT staff.


Key Capabilities

Automated Remediation

Improve service and reduce IT workloads and costs by enabling your chatbot to take direct, automated recovery actions for the most commonly expected device, OS, or app issues.


Problem Isolation

Aternity shows you response time breakdown between client device, network, and application back end for every app. Chatbot integration can route the issue to the right team automatically, for faster problem-solving and better first contact resolution.


Proactive Engagement

Establish targets for acceptable performance for business processes or device issues, get alerts when they’re violated, and use your chatbot to proactively notify end users of the status.


Customers Trust Aternity

"The experience of the entire Intel workforce is affected by device performance. Getting a holistic view of that is key. This is the value of Aternity — bringing all that data together from different devices and sources into a single pane of glass. It makes that data actionable, helping us deliver better service to a demanding employee base."

Julian Braham, Principal Engineer,
Intel IT

"Aternity gives us a circle of development that helps us to be responsive, pushes us to be proactive, positions us to be predictive, which then allows us to be pre-emptive. This is a result of having one solution that provides us with a complete view across networks, applications and end users. This technology will also be a strong backbone for the digital initiatives of other brands in Maersk Group whom we in MGIS support."

Andy Laurence, Head of Production Services,
Maersk Group

"Aternity gathers the information and presents it in a format that is easy to understand. We might have known there was an issue but now we have the data to back it up. Aternity adds metrics to perception."

Ross Jeremy, Modern Workplace Team Lead,
Simmons & Simmons

"What we particularly liked with Aternity was the ease in which we could analyze and correlate data. Aternity makes this insight easily available to a broader audience in a format that is scalable and sharable with our internal stakeholders."

Joost Smit, Digital Workplace Solution Architect and Engineer,
Swiss Re


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